My Cinematic Alphabet - 'O'

'O' is a tricky movie theme in this meme. There's just not a lot of greats to choose from, and although the following two wouldn't fall into my top 50 movies, they're the top of the Os for me.

Office Space

The highlight of this movie was seeing a Xerox photocopier machine get done to it what we would all want to do. And that is to beat the living crap out of the freaking awful machines before they go 'self aware' on us all and take over the planet. This is a movie for everyone who hates their job and would love to be able to give the finger to the boss and do whatever.

Office Space starts great, and even Jennifer Aniston has a good part. It slows down towards the end, but It's a classic comedy that was the best 'office' flick around before Ricky Gervais came onto the scene and got 'definitive' with the scenario.

We need to talk about your TPS reports... yeah...
Open Water

A low/no budget film that delivered real shark fear, and without the swimming Xerox machine that was the original Jaws. The actors made me feel the desperation and futility of the situation. A great and chilling film with a final scene that has you staring at the credits, deep in thought... I love those moments.

I live on the east coast of Australia and I often swim in waters where all sorts of sharks roam. I've never seen a shark in the wild - never - but I jump at shadows all the time. Imagine knowing those shadows WERE sharks and there were plenty of them, circling you. Scary stuff.

Open Water 2 had its merits, while The Reef, 2011, which was a mix of the two, just completely sucked in comparison.

Maybe it's just an angry dolphin, ya think?

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