My Cinematic Alphabet - 'P'

The Princess Bride

There are people who haven't seen this movie. I know it's difficult to believe, and I know it's shocking, but there it is. Even stranger, there are people who have seen it and didn't like it. It's inconceivable! I've met those people, and I've had to commit to ignoring them for the rest of my natural life. I suppose the former of those two groups of people may not have seen the film due to their young age, or due to the film looking like a fluffy fairytale romance. Most of the time I'm able to convince them to see it, and I get a good report back and endless thanks and praise. Sometimes I get refusals on my recommendation because I was once 'that' guy who didn't mind Mars Attacks. People forgive a bad movie recommendation, but they never forget. It's hard to get that trust back.

And honestly, I have to say, if you didn't appreciate the Princess Bride and its romance, and humour, and soundtrack, and cast, then... unfriend me, unfollow me, unfamily me, if you can, because you sir or madam cannot be someone I would be able to hold a conversation with. At some point in the chat we're going to get to The Dreaded Pirate Roberts, and you just won't be on board. Goodbye to you. Skip to the Poltergeist review because you'll probably hate The Phantom too. As you wish.

This is a 'true' film. Truly brilliant. Do you think that comes along every day?

"I will always come for you." Double entendre?


Poltergeist certainly stood on its own as an effectively fun and frightening film and was satisfying because it pulled at the string and unraveled everything. It's an amazing concept enough just to have a chair move a short distance. It's scope increases when everything in the room spirals in a whirlwind, and then the whole thing snowballs into terror when the house take Kerry-Anne into the depths of their souls.

Scary things covered: Clown doll ✔ Creepy tree outside window ✔ Ghosts ✔ Skeletons ✔. The sound effects were perfect, especially the eerie voice of the little girl between worlds. The special effects went into overdrive in the final showdown, and blew everything away, including the house. Just awesome.

Spielberg made this back to back with E.T. and it shows. There's the same fun, charm, and familiarity. The 'Wonder' of it all was in their eyes of this amazing cast. A cast that had some fall victim to the Poltergeist curse over following years, or simply to bad luck, which is more likely the case. The sequel was bigger and even better and it was great to see these character come back and deal with the 'Big Bad'. The third was 'meh', but made good use of the 'mirror' concept before other films 'mirrored' that idea to death.

They're here! Finally 3D Television.
The Phantom

I was a Phantom Comic collector from the age of 15 and I have a huge collection of them. I wore the good and bad marks of the Phantom on my fingers. Rumours of a movie version had come and gone so many times that we stopped believing them. Still, we had hope, and one day it happened. They were shooting the film in our area! Everyone in my circles wanted to be an extra, and those of us who did never made it off the cutting room floor, yet alone on the film.

I thought Billy Zane was perfect for the role of the wise-cracking superhero, and filled the suit out with pride. The purple suit looked much better than I could have ever anticipated (Due to a coloring error in the 30s-40s the suit became purple when it was supposed to be grey 1. to blend into the shadows, and 2. To mimic the statue of the ghost who ruled the land). It was a low budget film that showed some of the spunk and spirit of Mr Walker, the Ghost who never dies... The Phantom. It was a period piece which rang true to the original comics also, and many a wink was given to the continuity that readers would identify with. They did break many rules though, which was disappointing: No one must ever see his eyes. He doesn't talk to his dead father. His ring isn't magic... the list goes on.

Hopefully he'll be back with a bigger budget one day. There's always hope.

Still looking for the Heart of the Ocean diamond from Titanic.

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