25 Randoms about me

1. I haven't done a meme tag in a long time and I love the chance to talk about myself and fool people into thinking I'm interesting (which I am), so this'll be fun, thanks. Most of it is old news but I hope to be inspired to think of some fresh stuff for the newbs.

2. I have a batman tattoo on my shoulder, and my next tattoo will be a moth crossed with the Angel wing logo from 'Angel' (as in Buffy's Angel)... I like brooding male hero types.

3. I'm not scared of death, at all. I mean, even if it's a painful death, I'll still be dead afterwards and won't know a bloody thing. Non-existence didn't bother me 200 years ago and it won't bother me 200 years into the future either.

I organise my dvds in order of the colour of the covers

5. I love horror movies that terrify me and get my heart racing. Movies that can get the adrenalin rushing are fun. Gore if fun too.

6. I have some close friends who know me completely and will still be there for me in 50 years, no matter what I've done or will do. There's nothing better than knowing that.

7. I've seen an unidentified flying 'burning' object, an unidentified ' extinct' animal, and have heard the footsteps of a possibly 'unliving' person. I think that's cool, but hardly convincing evidence for anything supernatural. I'm a Scully/Moulder sceptic mix, a 'scolder' if you will.

8. I'm convinced that Icehouse is the greatest band of all time and feel kinda sorry for people who don't appreciate this fact, or know of them. Every song, of every album... amazing. Happily obsessed.

9. I once believed the earth was hollow and the entrance was at the north pole somewhere. It was a convincing story... there were pictures. Admiral T Bird found live woolly mammoths there!

My favourite toy is a lifesize Cyberman helmet

11. I used to shoplift when I was a teenager... Playboys, an Archie comic, a ruler... hmm, I think that's it actually. Although, I used to take liberties at workplaces when things fell off the 'back of trucks', I still feel guilty about those. 25L of dishwashing liquid, some bookcases, and a filing cabinet. 

12. I'm deathly scared of toads. That's no secret... but I can't leave it out of a meme like this. I'd rather be dead than touch a toad, but remember, I'm not that scared of death, so... meh. A pool full of toads is how I imagine hell.

13. My favourite part of a woman are the hip bones... well, they're in the top five.

14. All it would take to be Batman is 20 years of dedicated training and 300 million dollars.

15. My favourite drink is milk... and milkshakes. So very white. Gotta love that.

16. My fascination for the Internet is just as fresh now as it was seven years ago. I love downloading movie and tv series, and I love my Nintendo DS and downloading pirated games to it... Oh... this is me thieving again.

17. I've been in three television commercials.

18. I got lost in some mountain ranges a couple of times in dense scrub. On one occassion we rescued someone who would have definitely died without our intervention. Did we get thanks for it? NO... we'd have at least like to have known if the guy ever walked again.

19. I collect random small blue plastic things.

20. I love long drives at night, with cruisy music playing, the dashboard glowing, while scanning the road for kangaroos and watching storm clouds in the distance... it's nice.

21. I wonder if Doctor Who sleeps? He and his companions just seem to go from adventure to adventure... are there beds in the TARDIS?

22. I got my first ever trophy for gymnastics last year... it was the 'try hard' award... still... I'm amazed I didn't quit during the year sometime, so trophy well deserved, thanks.

23. I've seen 'The Sound of Music' zillions of times and the soundtrack was the first CD I'd ever bought.

24. I spent a year trying to learn how to play the guitar and all I could ever accomplish was the riff from Hole's "Malibu", which has also been the ring tone for my phone for the last year. I never get tired of that song.

25. I like to wear webbed gloves and flippers and swim around the Maroochy River looking for sharks. I once borrowed a scuba tank so I could sit at the bottom of the river at night and look at the moon.


Steve said...

In an episode of the classic series, I think Nyssa was shown in her room in the TARDIS, where there was a bed. I don't remember what episode it was, though.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I've also had some 'supernatural' experiences that I feel can be explained by science in some way. I also have sleep paralysis, which makes me glad I'm a skeptic, or I'm sure I would think I saw ghosts or was being visited by aliens... :) lol. I think until people have experienced it first hand, they don't know how 'real' it is. It's just too bad that people feel the need to turn to the supernatural first most of the time.

mothpete said...

Sure. I'd like to clarify that I've never EVER experienced something that couldn't be explained rationally. The striped creature was a cross-breed with something; the fire in the sky that crossed the horizons? My grade 12 science teacher didn't believe the trajectory was possible, but I'm not taking that jerk's word for it ('cause yeah, he was a jerk); and the footsteps outside the bedroom door? Well, that 'could' have been a dream or actual feet.

I did believe I was miraculously healed in a church meeting. I had an ear problem that made me dizzy for months so that I could hardly walk. During the church meeting, the dizziness stopped, which was a great relief. It was replaced with a shrieking tinnitus sound for the last six months.

Hey, the Lord giveth and the lord takes it away and replaces it with even more annoying shit. That's his way. Bastard.

CrazyLady said...

I am sooo stealing the scuba-tank-look-at-the-moon-in-the-pool idea. Yep. That's what hubby and are doing on our next date night. (and I'm gonna get luckyyyyyyy....) LOL