Supergod Returns - the story so far...

God creates the universe and every creeping thing.
Giant lizards go on a rampage and eat up everything.

God creates legions of winged friendly creatures.
One of them stages a mutiny and takes on horny features.

God creates some human pets and gives them paradise.
Walking snake tricks them up and things don't go so nice.

Adam and Eve are banished and from the garden hurled.
Homicidal son sleeps with sisters to populate the world.

Civilisation develops and the people try again.
God is still not happy, so drowns everyone with rain.

Ten commandments given, but in case we're feeling clever.
God makes hell to punish sinners forever and forever.

God plants his holy semen in a virgin to breed a super son.
but people whipped him to shreds and killed him just for fun.

Superman returns from death and grants eternal life to some.
and promised soon (or 2000 years) would have his second come.


Michele Boselli said...

:) I like your blog and would love to swap links. visit mine and let me know. ciao

snakey said...

What can I say....?
the mythology is done to death!

(pun intended)