In Google's Gmail I trust no more

Shortly after I lost my faith and belief in Ggod I found a new saviour in Gmail but I should have known better than to trust anything starting with a capital G. I've lost everything. I signed into my Gmail recently to find it completely stripped down completely. Everything had disappeared! Contacts, in and out messages, labels... everything. Two years of stored work gone. Dozens of contacts erased from existence!

I have been using it for two years since it's beta version came online (and it's STILL in Beta?) and I will continue to use it, but I can no longer trust it. Back up everything people. Google is aware of this problem and are unable to retrieve deleted information, nor are they able to give any sort of explanation or offer any assistance.

I had hoped to rely on an online storage facility to access files from anywhere, but the trust is gone. What the use of their 'amazing' 6 gig (and counting) storage if it can all disappear at any moment. Jesus doesn't save and neither does freaking Gmail.


Anonymous said...

Lifehacker has a couple of tips for backing up your Gmail using either Google Groups or Fetchmail.

mothpete said...

That's fantastic thanks. There's some great ideas from the talkbackers there. Cool.

Jing-reed said...

Thanks for the heads up on making a backup of my gmail email addresses.

Happened once before with a hd crash, and I lost everything [boohoo], but did I learn from that experience??? Evidently not, so your reminder to do so was much appreciated!

Anonymous said...
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