My Reward

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In shattered past I took the dive
Weezing thick air but still alive
ripping the wings out from my back
the bones and muscles, mine to hack

Thumping along Earth to and fro
crushing your spirits as I go
This world is mine, this is my hour
Souls of ignorance, I devour

I smile wide while I see rape
I grin with this forced fornicate
Singing shrilly when watching kills
This people watching gives me thrills

Fallen from heaven... I fell well
now plunging further, I'm in hell
and my reward for tempting you?
Dining upon your wet sinew

I am a tool, I am god's hound
he feeds me souls here underground
What joy I have! Eternity!
Here I can just be good ol' me

© Peter Bainbridge, All rights reserved


They call him James Ure said...

Great piece. It really emphasizes how "God" needs a "Satan."

Eek said...


I think you enjoyed getting into "character" there was too much.

A chance to express yourself huh?

And btw, that pic is so disgusting I think I might turn christian to avoid it.

mothpete said...

This is an 'interpretation' of the Lucifer myth.