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From Snakey's keyboard:

I don't know....this strikes me as being so fucked up. Whats is it with 'true believer's' that makes em' merchandise their belief system to incorporate a fairly 'average' common ol' activity as being out in the open air.

As a bit of a cross reference to the other thread here about the 'christian guns and small arms' - christian men do seem to be very interested in shooting up the wild life while wearing combat /military designs on their leisure wear. Crazy....! and ever so blokey. and sterotypicalChristian Outdoorsman Cap Special

Gawd.......'lets shoot up the wildlife' that also a very CHRISTIAN ideology - that 'man' has domain over the animals. !

I didn't realise until recently how well and deeply intrenched 'guns' are within American society/law/constitution. Its a taken for granted part of the culture... which as an Australian is quite curious and extraordiary to me.. Guns are a good example of the differences between the cultures and how perhaps differences of opinion and confusion can arise online.

Anyway.......perhaps this is part of the reason why I find this kind of 'christian' behaviour so weird and crazy. Doesn't it also suggest that CHRISTIANITY uses and has fallen back on the popular culture - in this case - the USA to sell its message! Or perhaps this is a blatent example of how consumerism /materialistic CHRISTIANITY IS! There are so many different ministries starting up these days....that a person like me gets the idea that CHRISTIANITY is nothing but a fucking tax scam!

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    where is all this money doing to anyway?


    SouthLoopScot said...

    Nothing more godly and Christian like, then taking an AR-15 and blowing about twenty holes into Bambi!

    Anonymous said...

    Gotta love America. It sits and wonders "how can we fix our insane violence problem??" while screaming at anyone who suggests that it start by hindering the sale of weapons (i.e. instruments whose only purpose is to kill or maim or hurt).

    It will be, when I have the money to do so, one of the main reasons why I leave this country eventually. Adding the Christians element just puts another nail in the coffin.

    Eek said...

    Hold on... gun shows, church charities...

    Selling guns for God? Thats gotta be the best definition of the word Irony that I've ever come across.


    Go Snakey

    SouthLoopScot said...

    Please write a meme on the evolution of your blog!
    If you have any questions, just see my post.

    Handsome B. Wonderful said...

    They assume that the Earth is for man only and therefore destroy it to the point where it is today. They think that they can just do whatever they want to the environment because Jesus will just come down and save them at the last minute anyway.

    Selfish pricks.

    angelsdepart said...

    "Or perhaps this is a blatent example of how consumerism /materialistic CHRISTIANITY IS! There are so many different ministries starting up these days....that a person like me gets the idea that CHRISTIANITY is nothing but a fucking tax scam!"

    I love you!!! I have been saying this for years and no one will listen. Churches are a for profit organization and deserve to have the same tax status as any other buisness that is selling something.

    Let's make no mistake either. They are indeed selling something. Unfortunately our laws are about as difficult to change as religious dogma so the best advice I can give is "get used to it or get out."

    Great blog, I am adding you to my favorites!

    snakey said...

    YEah..course they are selling a product - 'babyjesus' - big jesus'..'funkyjesus'..god somtimes...and the merchandising - books at first & now a shit load of them, education, lifestyle products, dogma for NO lifestyle products like condoms?...on & on. But this GUN thing is very American. Talk about IRONY...what about the 'righttolife movement'? which in AMerica means..Stop abortion & pray to god so you can get used up and killed in the current WAR. Farout!

    Have you also heard the new thing from the 'christian' mouth pieces (sometimes called preacher's) - its a new label "christian hedonism" and they use to worship their god & theorise & pontificate?
    Really sick and perverted stuff- & so much for the Charity or non profit status! Its all about 'ME" & the wealth of the christian is praising god? WHat a load of bollocks!
    Gawd it makes ya mad! Its the prosperity gospel gone mad! Its megga everything...for the christian these days!

    Isn't the endtimes enough for the christian? Do they need to use up the planet in their very own life times?