Evil Disney

I've always enjoyed reading the work of the freaking nutjob fundies at Jesus-is-saviour; they are the epitomy of Christianity gone completely insane. It's one of those sites that you're sure MUST be parody but isn't. They're completely serious about what they ramble on about.

The following excepts from the website are not parody.

Freaky Fundy - "Within 15 minutes of the opening scene, viewers of Walt Disney's movie, NARNIA, are face to face with Pan (deceitfully renamed to "Tumnus"), the evil sexually-perverted pagan sex god, which Wiccan witches worship and adore worldwide.

Freaky Fundy - In lieu of such evidence, how can any professed Christian endorse such a demonic movie as NARNIA? Yet, Christians all across America are praising this evil movie which promotes Satan. Look at the photo of Tumnus to the left. Please notice the Devil's horns coming out of his head. In NARNIA, Tumnus is one of the good characters. Do you think this is all just a coincidence? No my friend, Satan is working relentlessly to poison the minds of our children. Tragically, the average Christian parent is so woefully ignorant of the Word of God that they are easy prey for Satanic deceptions. This is why so many professed Christians see no harm in Harry Potter.

NARNIA and Pedophilia

Freaky Fundy - Lucy and Pan's subtle interactions, give the impression of a pedophile trying to lure a little girl into his house. Tumnus (Pan, a faun) represents the Devil, trying to seduce a young girl. If you doubt what I am saying, you won't by the end of this article. In fact, you are going to be sickened. Furthermore, Tumnus' and his flute have magical powers, just like the Devil. Tumnus puts the little girl to sleep with his music. The next scene shows the little girl waking up and Tumnus crying, claiming that he has done something very bad. The subtle implication is that he sexually molested her. Remember folks, pan is the demonic pagan god of sexual perversion and rape. In fact, most images of pan show him with an erection.

MothandRust - Methinks the mind of this fundamentalis wackjob is a little fucked up to read this into the story. I wonder what she thinks the three bears did to Goldilocks or vica versa. Definitely a spirit of beastiality sexual perversion at work there. The big bad wolf wanting to eat little red also has some 'startling' revelations from a fundamentalist perspective.

Take a look at Pan's Labyrinth and you'll see where all these demonic movies are heading!

Freaky Fundy - Notice in the photo to the left that there are three cleverly hidden 6's in the words "Walt Disney." Also notice that Mickey mouse is wearing a sorcerer's hat and casting a magic spell. Walt Disney is of the Devil, controlled by secret society Illuminist's who are trying to corrupt every child in America.

MothandRust - I think it's really neat that Disney should go to all the trouble to hide mark of the beast 666 in the font of theirs. 66 books in the bible too... evil evil beasty bible!

Walt Disney and Sexual Perversion

Freaky Fundy - I think the photos speak for themselves

Moth - Check out the golden dildo in the centre of the picture. It gets Ariel all wet. I wonder if the fins match the fringe?

Disney - The artists at Disney say this is a laughable coincidence and not intentionally phallic.

Freaky Fundy - The word "sex" written in the sky ("The lion king").

MothandRust - yeah yeah yeah... We've all seen this before. May or may not be an accident. It's but one moment in a piece of twirlsing swirling animation. I think it says SEW myself. I think they are trying to subliminally get children sewing. Those Disney bastards!

Disney - The special effects team autographed this moment of film with their acronym - SFX!

Freaky Fundy - Notice the woman at the window ("The Rescuers"). I added the white spots to cover her bare breasts. Walt Disney's perverts thinks it's cute to place porno in their movies.

Freaky Fundy - A scene from Roger Rabbit. I had to block out a big section to hide the indecency. Disney, not to be outdone...

Disney says - It was a simple colouring error, the panties are there for but one frame or two and the colouring department didn't notice. This happens all the time in hand painted cell creation.

MothandRust - This next one is the coup-de-gras... poor thinking on the ride designer's part but probably not intentional. Like seriously... Disney is about making money and more money. They deleted all those ambiguous moments from their dvd released versions of the films and out of the hundreds they have made these are the freeze-frame moments the crazy fundies could find. This next one is funny.

Freaky Fundy - The Disney corporation appears to be focusing their sexual degradation on young girls instead of young boys. The obvious effect of creating cartoon rides out of sex toys can have no other intent than to lead our young children... boys AND girls... our precious future... down the path of emotional developmental mind control.


SouthLoopScot said...

That is so precious! Fundies using cartoons and the mythical Pan to advance their own myth, how quaint...

I also think Disney is evil, but not for the same reasons. Mine are more along the lines of the blatant consumerism they foist upon young minds. And the fact that their media wing here in the states (ABC) is a neo-con haven! But that's just me...

Handsome B. Wonderful said...

Oh that is some funny shit. I find it telling that they criticize the Harry Potter books but it seems they have never read them. For if they did they'd know that the bleeding kids celebrate CHRISTMAS!!!!

Anonymous said...

That last picture is the best. It's just one of those "what were they thinking?!?!" designs.

Eek said...

Pmsl at Donald.

I'm gonna look at all the kids rides at the plaza today and see if I can find any other examples of "indecency". There's a new Thomas the Tank Engine ride... I bet THAT'S some part of a gay paedophile ploy to lure young boys into, um, sitting on trains... oh I dunno, but I BET its bad!!

Eek said...

In other news, I stole that Donald pic for my poor pathetic blog lol.

Too funny.

Anonymous said...

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