Jesus vs. Zombies

Hey tha;nks for the heads up Snakey! You rack 'em, I'll stack 'em. This is my kinda comic! Jesus never looked so cool and kick-ass as he does in Loaded Bible's - Jesus vs. Vampires. I've downloaded the torrents already...

In this post-apocalyptic future, humans and vampires are at each other's throats, and on the side of the humans is none other than the second coming of Jesus Christ. He kicks major vampire ass, using such clever twists as "Holy Water spit" to burn vamps. There's also a side-story with the Church that causes Jesus to break from them and become a one-man show.

I can nearly imagine Jesus hanging with Buffy or Ash to bust some unrighteous zombie but.

Check out the Youtube below for some screen pics of the comic.


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snakey said...

Interesting isn't it?
That's what 'the christian' is worshipping, falling over themselves for, kicking out their families members who don't believe what they do for....
& for all I know wanking hard each night, crying & weeping about how much they LOOOOVe him!

What is 'he'...a cartoon character first created by men - yep MEN..waay back when lives were tough and they needed something to believe it and/or escape 'real' life from.

btw...the cartoon is pretty darn good thou'...

mothpete said...

Loaded Bible II is better. The artwork is more crisp and there's more demon nudity and... vampire.

can't wait for more in this series.

Anonymous said...

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snakey said...

Mark 11 is better? Both are great!
Tim Steely creates a 'nice' jesus, one that finds out he's not the second coming etc. etc....But he takes the religous concept seriously..(not preachy) but I'm left wondering if the 'the christian' will love it.

In other it a parody or yet another christian consumer's wet dream?