Thanks again Snakechic (Blog contributor?). I don't know if this thing is a satire product or not! Body cream from Jesus? With sparkle? You're doing a pretty good sell if you can get preteens to theme their make up around a bearded middle-aged man rather than Bratz.

Snakey - Children raised by 'the christian'...are getting a fair whack of christian marketing in order to get them interested...yeah ..OF COURSE 'the christian' knows how little interest the bible provides in this day & age... Have you seen these toys....? *smirk*

"Redeems you in his eyes and takes the edge off sinning. Our glorious kit contains a mirrored Jesus statuette, vanilla nectar lip balm, Easter-Lily hand & body cream (with sparkle!) and a folding mirror compact."


snakey said...

ha bloody ha!...

I'm NOT a blog contributor at all...YOu are a THIEF..!!

COme on Mothy ..tell the truth - all you do is cut & paste! F uuckMeDead!

Find your own stuff....or at least leave a reply/comment where you steal it from.

Do I have to come to your blog just to see what you've pinched from me?

AND YOU WANT MONEY for you BLOG TOOO....you cheeky sod!


mothpete said...

Like it or not, you're a contributor. I've been cyberstalking you for years gal. LOL.

And yes, if you've enjoyed my collection of christian parody you should leave money in my donation link as you would a street busker. Not that i"ve ever left money with street buskers. Nevertheless...

I challenge anyone to find a more comprehensive christian parody portal than this one.

I am soooooo underappreciated!!! pmsl... Sigh... that's life on the net for ya.

snakey said...

That's the way..."join snakechic"..! show a bit of hiss & spit, a dash of acid. I must say I do like the edgy 'take no hostages' tone in your reply Mothy. Yummy Very sexy!!

*sigh*...I get so tired of the same old, same old, hardcore dead eyed "Mr Spreading Nothing But Niceness Guy"

mothpete said...

you want it rough...?


Whatever my public wants.

late for you to be posting?

snakey said...
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snakey said...

tired and sick..

what are up to?

snakey said...


CUt & Paste...

You Might be SUbmissive if...
-If You are forced to go to the laundromat because your washer and dryer are broken, and you realize you have all male clothing but all female underwear

-If you hear the drinking toast “Bottoms up!” and instantly obey.

-If you are more concerned about the skin on your ass then that on
your face.

-If a friend of yours tells you she can’t get out of the house
because she’s all tied up….and you get jealous.

-If you walk by dog obedience classes and offer to demonstrate from
the dog’s perspective.

-If stocks and bonds fascinate you, but you could not care less what
happens on Wall Street.

-If you smile and think of a thin, flexible rod when you hear the
word “switch.”

-If you think the best part of going to church is getting to kneel.

-If you get excited while looking through the cooking implements drawer
of the kitchen.

If you visit Alcatraz, stand for hours in a dark cell, and come out
flushed and smiling.

-If you hear the term “House Whip” on CNN and then get disappointed
that they’re talking about politics.

-If you surf the net to find your own webmaster.

-If you hear a confused person say, “Beat me!” and you automatically
yell out “Me next!”

-If you actually wish your Mastercard would give you orders.

-If you anxiously wait to get from publishing houses the form letter
stating “Thank you for your submission.”

-If you think that the three basic materials for bed sheets are
linen, silk and leather.

-If you’re envious of the neighbor dog’s new spike collar & leash.

-If you call your personal vibrator “Sir,” you may be a submissive.

-If you go to the pet store, look at the leather collars, and pick
out two or three that match some outfits you own.

-If you think your panties look best on you when pulled down around
your ankles.

-If you see a road sign displaying, “Chains required” and wonder if
that means, whips are optional.

-If you read a headline about sub warfare, and picture two naked
women cat-fighting over a handsome Dom.

-If your closet is full of knee pads, but you don’t play sports.

-If you dream of a beautiful leather jacket with a full face hood.

-If You get a little aroused each time you hit the submit button.


snakey said...

Only if I can be the DOm!

Eek said...

I want one of these. Buy me one for christmas or our friendship is over.

No correspondence will be entered into... this is an order.