Name Google Meme

Have you ever Googled yourself to see who else shares your name? There's a certain kinship with people who share the same name... it has a ring to it that only they can understand. Sort of like finding people with the same birthdate. I decided to seek out these 'kin' of mine and contact them, if possible. I'm feeling like the bastard child of them all, because I seem to be finding a lot of talented and amazing people - all I can do is type. I'll blog any responses I get. Perhaps I can at least rub in the fact that I got a peterbainbridge gmail account before they did.

This blog may serve as another vain attempt to pander to my ego and my bizarre love to say my name 'Danny Crane' style (ala Boston Legal), but this is my Saturday night and this is how I choose to spend it. By the way, I'm watching 'Little House on the Praire' with the kids (don't cry for me)... and I'm deep and down with a flu. I just hope this page isn't used by some weird serial killer with a vendetta against Peter Bainbridges.

Peter Bainbridge is a self taught artist, born in 1964, he began painting wildlife in 1994 and lives in the UK. Peter has a whole mess of hair that I often dreamt of growing. I was inspired by Iva Davies to grow my hair long, but it always turned out to be a pathetic mullet that for a short time was long enough to put into a small pony tail. He looks a little like Meatloaf in this photo, but ruggedly handsome like all Peter Bainbridges should be.

Peter Bainbridge is a well established photographer with an impressive website. It looks like he beat me to getting the domain on the name at He's got an excellent gallery that's well worth looking at. Some artistic b&w body parts with interesting contours.

Peter Bainbridge - Senior Sustainable Development Officer at Penwith District Council. Sounds boring but I'm sure he rocks at parties.

Peter Bainbridge - Baptist minister (umm... so not me): Among those who might be considered the pioneer band of Baptist ministers in Kentucky, Dr. Peter Bainbridge was distinguished for grace, pathos, and solemnity. He spoke much more impressively than he wrote (This guy is the opposite of me!). He was charmingly colloquial and in the pulpit he was peculiarly grave, smooth, and attractive (Some of those terms I might use to describe myself, but not many others would).

An optometrist, an auctioneer, a yachting champion, a business man (who does business?), and lots of others who probably deserve a mention for having such handsome names, but I'm getting pretty bored with this subject now. Dad's original name was Mapleston so I almost feel like a fraud now seeing the blood isn't actually within the name. Hang on, I'll google Peter Mapleson... hmm... just a few dozen websites of a guy who blows glass and plastic. Peter Mapleston blows... says it all.

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