Religious Symbolism Found in the Wizard of Oz

Dor-o'thy(the symbol of the Door- to heaven/Oz) carries SEVEN books (the Bible), which are bound (sealed), while running Home (to Heaven) with her Dog (dogma, the symbol of "God", 2 Sam 17:43). The dog is hurt by the Wicked Witch, Ms. Gulch, whose name is mentioned SEVEN times in the movie- 7 symbolizes "God"- meaning that the dogma is hurt by the God of Fire (which is the symbol of Ms. Gulch, the Witch).

The Triangle (Angle of the Trinity), represented also by a pyramid, hangs from a tree. It is used for a Dinner Bell to call people to the Last Supper (spiritual knowledge given before the death of the religion).

Auntie Em inspires us to "count" (because the incubator went out???), and ends on the number "SEVENTY" (Exo 1:5).

Dorothy falls from the wall (like Humpty Dumpty/ the Eggman) to the right side (as opposed to 'wrong'?) away from 12 pigs (the Apostles). Biblically speaking, the swine/PIGS are "demonic spirits" in the hearts of the greedy (Luk 8:33). Auntie Em says that there's no place for Dorothy around a pigsty (The Old World is the symbolic Pigsty, with everyone driven by greed). Dorothy prophesies the Land of Oz, "behind the moon" (the Moongod "Sin" where Mt. Sinai got its name), "beyond the rain" (reign of Jesus). "Somewhere over the RAINBOW" (the rainbow is the sign from God, a covenant to Noah that the earth will never again be destroyed like it is about to be, Gen 9:13).

Dorothy continues, "The dreams that you dare to dream really do come true"... when we get over the rainbow (get 'over with'/finish with the reign {Jesus} who we "bow" to, who comes from the sky (Heaven) on a white horse with a "bow" (Rev 6:2). The dog's (God of Love, man's best friend) life is threatened by the witch, Miss Gulch (the God of Fire). The dog is thrown into the basket with a chained cross on it. Two more triangles (now totaling three/Trinity) are the bridge to the Wizard (The God of the future). The triangle also represents the Egyptian symbol of longevity/ everlasting life. The Wizard sets down just below a heart shaped bush.

Just as Dorothy is saying, "Why it's just like you could read what was inside of me," look at the dark arm holding an upside-down heart, and an upside down cross next to her mouth (in another view of the same scene, it is not there). This means that things are upside down from what they seem to be, and we need to read the signs that are inside the Dorothy metaphor. She is the symbol of hope and Home (Heaven). There are three dogs in the movie (The Trinity), Toto and two hotdogs (just like the one good witch and the two bad ones). Toto eats the hotdog ("dog eat dog"). The Wizard says, "As one dog to another" (one "God" to another). In the wagon, having lit two candlesticks (Rev 11:4), the Wizard sits below the heart-shaped head with a snake (serpent/devil) coming out of the 'BACK' of it.

Behind Dorothy's head to the left (not 'right') is a pentagram (pagan symbol of the Goat, demon which will eat/learn anything).

The picture that the Wizard takes from Dorothy's basket has an 'A' on the door. Look at the upper right edge of the picture also.

The Wizard mentions the Pharaohs of Egypt (most of the Bible stories have been known to come from the Egyptian hieroglyphics once the code was broken on the Roseta Stone). Notice the skull (symbol of death) above the door, as he continues to speak of a loved one at home with a broken heart. The crystal (symbol of clarity) goes dark (evil). While the house is spinning in the twister, the boat is rowed across the sky (The Egyptian's symbolic boat {ark} transports the souls of the dead into the New World, from which the Noah metaphor was taken). The cock crows (Mar 14:72).

The post on Dorothy's house appears to cast the shadow of a cross.

Dorothy is the munchkin's "miracle", having come from the sky like Jesus is expected to do at the Second Coming (actually it would be his "third"... they miscounted).

As mentioned by Glinda, the dog (God) is thought to be a Witch, which is also symbolized by the darker "dog burn dog" (dogma burn dogma) history of the church (they each feel that they are the true religion, while the others that have 'missed the boat' will burn in hell).

A cross hangs in the torn curtain above the dead Witch of the East (showing that part of the Trinity to symbolize spiritual death, the religion from the East).
The Trinity comes in all sizes, shapes and types, yes even blowing trumpets (a biblical symbol). The Dwarves (munchkins), are used as a symbol of resurrection in Norse mythology, having sprang from the decaying body of Yir. They made the chain that binds the wolf-monster (dog/god monster).
The Wicked Witch from the West comes in the fire. The Witch of the East is "dead spiritually" (confirmed by the munchkins) and her shoes (roots) are removed from her (to insure that type of spirit will not take root in the New World).

Glinda, The Good Witch says, "It's always best to start at the beginning. Follow the Yellow Brick Road." (Heaven is thought to have streets of gold). At the CROSS-roads (the Christian cross), Dorothy released the nail that held the scarecrow to the cross (Jesus was metaphorically nailed to a cross, tree and/or a post, Gal 6:14, Acts 10:39, Num 21:8). The Scarecrow, who symbolizes Christianity (trying to scare the dark birds/spirits away), needs a brain (enlightenment). And he mostly fears the fire that he symbolizes, because he knows he must reap what he has sown.

A man made of tin (mankind was without a heart) wants to be human, but is stopped by the rain (reign of Jesus). His mouth was the first to work by the oil (enlightenment, Exo 35:28). They take the right road (they go the right way). The Scarecrow says that it will get darker before it gets lighter (first will come the Tribulation, then their enlightenment because of it). The Lion holds a sad tail (tale), but he represents the Lion of the Tribe of Judah (Judas), Rev 5:5, who finally builds up enough courage to take on the God of Fire, the Wizard (a man/mankind is hiding behind the altar of fire).

The witch hides by the tree (symbol of the "tree of knowledge") which is evil. And these evil trees (humans) threw apples (the forbidden fruit) at them. This also helps to show that "trees" in the Bible symbolize "mankind" (as presented in Rom 11:24). The poppies (drugs), seen in the Crystal (meth), block the road to the Emerald City (heaven). It causes them to sleep (spiritual slumber, Gen 2:21). But they survive, and make it to Oz (the New World).

The Lion says, "Come to think of it, forty winks wouldn't be bad." Forty is the symbolic number for Lennon (see Anthology, look for 'wink').

Her ruby red slippers (red shoes/ bloody roots/beginning) gain her entrance into the Emerald City (Heaven).

They see the white horse (the Second Coming) change into three more colors (the Trinity). Four colors total (the four horsemen of the Apocalypse maybe?).

The Wizard is sad for them. He shows himself as the God of Hell-Fire but he really isn't evil at all. The Scarecrow (Christianity) is the only one who bows down to him (to show that he is the symbol of the religion). The Lion (of the tribe of Judah) dives through the Window (Internet/innerNET) and is very soon afterward seen carrying a NET.

The Tin Man's body raises up into the air (like the Christians expect to happen to them upon the 2nd Coming of Christ). The Wicked Witch says, "I've sent some insects to take the fight out of them." There are no insects shown in the movie (perhaps Locusts? Rev 9:7). The red (bloody) hourglass runs low. The Tin Man (mankind) holds onto the tail (tale/Bible) on the uphill climb to save Dorothy (the Doorway). The crosses, flanking the doorway to the Witch's castle, are on "fire".

The guards are hit by the falling cross of fire. The Wicked Witch (which symbolizes "fire") is killed by the Water ("people", Rev 17:15), which was meant to save the Scarecrow (the Christians). They return to Oz with the Broom of Fire (new clear cleansing of the Earth). God (the Wizard) says, "I give you an audience, are you ungrateful?" The Scarecrow, gets one of 'three' (Trinity) diplomas, giving him brains now (enlightenment), and states that both sides of the Triangle (the Trinity) are equal. The Lion gets the 'triple cross' (the cross of the Trinity) which hangs on his heart. The Tin Man gets his heart (mankind becomes human), but it has a clock on it (the clock is ticking). Dorothy concludes that this heaven (Oz), of our dreams, is not our real Home.
The doorway to that place called Home (heaven) is the knowledge that we are already there, by way of- as the Wizard Of Oz says, "E Pluribus Unim."...which is written on the 'seal' of the dollar bill, across from the Masonic Temple/ Egyptian pyramid of enlightenment- aka The Luxor - mentioned twice in the movie. "Money" (an Emerald World of Wealth) is our Heaven once we receive our inheritance (Num 36:3). Dorothy touches the Lion's heart. Dorothy says that she would miss the Scarecrow most of all (Christianity). The Wizard (the God of Fire) goes away back into Heaven.

Dorothy taps her red heels together three (Trinity) times.

Back at home they thought Dorothy was dead (they lost the doorway), but she survived (was resurrected). Dorothy says don't look farther than your own backyard (don't look back too far, look forward). There's no place like Heaven
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