Flood, Fire, what's next? World wide pillow suffocation?

Truth is truly stranger than fiction but the truth can also be much less exciting. I'm thinking the Egyptians would have thought it really terrific to build those mammoth structures in honour of their gods and of the afterlife. I'm also thinking the Olympians and the Aztecs also had much more exciting lives in their quests to make the invisible sky daddies happy.

Life was a lot more exciting and dramatic when I imagined invisible angels and demons swarming around us, locked into a rigorous battles for our eternal souls. Jesus fought a terrible battle and paid a terrible 'price' for us by being tortured and killed, and amazingly had enough magic to get up again... although it did take a few days, and he still had all the gross wounds on him.

It was a brilliant plan to save us from all the evil he said he created for us in the first place; and from the set-up he put for us in the garden. Wiping out everyone (bar eight) in the flood didn't work, we only bred more sinners. He should have seen that coming. Have a son instead, and get him killed. Brilliant. That'll balance it all out... oh, but still wipe everyone out later on and this time eternally torture the ones who don't fall into line. That'll fix 'em. This time with fire, 'cause the flood thing... well, that's been done already.

God needs to make better plans. Flood... fire... I'm thinking the next time he gets all genocidal it'll be by burying us all alive. Oh wait, he did that with Moses' rejects. He needs to be original; I appreciate that. Maybe some world wide bizarre gardening accident or pillow suffocation.

The truth can be stranger than fiction but I find the truth is much more liberating. It's decipering which is which that we seem to find hard to do. Psychologist Bruce Hood observed that babies fill in the gaps and invent rules to help make sense of the world around them. Irrational and 'magical' beliefs are hard-wired into us and many of us never grow out of them. The following websites are a big help... the video is pretty sobering too. The truth will set you free: check out God is Imaginary and Why Won't God Heal Amputees.


Machiavelli said...

Good stuff.

Eek said...

I vote for pillow suffocation, less nasty.

I'm not into pain and torture much.