Round peg in a round hole

wonder if your average Christian fundy would be okay with homosexual lovers who didn't actually have sex? Is it okay to love your partner as long as you don't put the sausage in the buns? Is it the anal sex that mainly upsets God and his flocking followers? What if (as I've mentioned before) you use a really thick condom so there is not actual skin on skin? No, that's probably silly... I wouldn't want to get silly.

Is anal sex completely out? Even for husband and wife? 'Cause it seems to work well. If that's forbidden due to what is considered an unnatural act then the anus really should have been designed differently I think. My inflatable raft has valves so that when you blow it up, the air can't go out.. only in. Camels evolved this way also, to keep sand out of their nostrils. I think if God was really serious about not having penile insertions in one's anus he should have put the exit hole in an awkward place, and with a outlet valve only, and not made it so our Johnny Rockets couldn't fit.

This link was submitted to me recently,
seems like a stretch of interpretation, but aren't they all?

Jesus said some are born gay


mothpete said...

Thanks, it keeps me busy. and it keeps me from doing the things I really should be doing.

sigh... still, should I find myself or children are homosexual it'll be all worthwhile to have thought about it as best I could have.

Anonymous said...

I believe it's no bigger an issue than all the other dont's. Yes, I have to continually remind myself not to pass judgement on another person, God said that He will do that. My goodness, I have a lot to answer for myself in other matters. (if only I didn't kick the dog, ha ha, just kidding).

As a believer it is one of the clear statements that I need to follow, and others that want to live for God need to as well. Good advice for all, for health reasons and society not to practice therein.

mothpete said...

Yep, from a christian point of view Judging others is as dangerous as blasphemy (whatever that mystery sin is).

There's plenty of don'ts in the good ol' book eh? The limited verses that mention homosexuality are about as clear as god saying thou shalt not kill, then giving Israel instructions to go into the land of their enemies and destory everyone, along with their children and livestock. I wouldn't want to live my life according to the Old Testament. As for the new testament, I like what Jesus said, but Paul can go jump. His attitudes towards homosexuality were as culturally and personally written as his comments on women were.

As a literalist believer of the bible I suppose you perhaps shouldn't be a homosexual Brolga. As for society, well, if it were the society you are thinking of, it isn't reality. People, monkeys, bulls and dolphins will continue to humpulump whoever are consenting to them... sadly and tragically some non-consenting too... but that's reality. Society will be much better off if we don't stop people from loving each however they will. Irresponsible Heterosexuals are not anymore holier than irresponsible homosexual. Studies show that society is certainly not advantaged by following bible precedents to the letter.

The bible shows that as a people, we have always been discriminatory to the minorities in our society. The attitudes of those verses are testament to that.

Handsome B. Wonderful said...

And what about homosexual men who only engage in oral sex? What is the difference between a man giving another man oral sex and a women giving a man oral sex? Either way a mouth is being used.

I guess though some Christians believe oral sex even amongst straight married couples is wrong.

Man, I think I'd kill myself if I "couldn't" give and receive oral sex!!!

Eek said...

Interesting debate but I'm pretty sure the bible is clear on the non judgment bit... so really, why doesn't everyone just mind their own damn business?

Worry about your own salvation and leave everyone else alone sounds good to me.