50 Question meme

1. Name one thing you could not live without?
It's a tie: Stilnox sleeping tablets and broadband Internet.

2. Name something you'd love to never see again.
A toad... or a heart attack inducing car mechanic's bill.

3. What color is your bathroom rug?
Fifty questions and this one takes up 2 percent of them? meh... burgundy

4. Did you ever wear braces?
Yep, best money anyone ever spent on me. Thanks mum... I used to have teeth like Elton John or Madonna. Actuallly come to think of it, those guys are rich and talented. Thanks a lot mum!

5. Extrovert or introverted?
In front of a crowd or my classroom or online I'm an extrovert, but in real life I'm finding myself more introverted as it continues. Wait... is this question about bellybuttons?

6. What do you make of all this Anna Nicole Smith saga?
She had a manly sort of face, but interesting mammory glands.

7. What's the population of the city you live in?
Around about 10 000 plus me.

8. Have you told a lie today?
Probably. Umm, no! (that's a lie).

9. Name something you're good at doing.
Ranting online about crap

10. Now, something you do badly?
I'd need a whole other list to reply to this. Let's just start with, 'catching a ball'.

11. Who do you share your secrets with?
That'd be Troy. Plus there are too many people who do know too much about this and that... vague I know - sorry, the answer to that is a secret in itself.

12. Who's your best friend?
I had someone I called my best friend in High School, but they died. I don't like calling people best friends anymore. Wife is obligatory although true, I suppose. It's also true to say though, that there are others who know various aspects of myself better than she does. Hey, simple question... what can I say? I'm complex.

13. Do you lie about your age?
Just started doing that lately. I'm going to be 35 for a lonnnnng time.

14. Confrontation or avoidance?
Ohhhhhh mannnn.... anyone who knows me at all knows the answer to that one. Confrontations give me the flu.

15. What's the last film you watched?
'About a Boy' on TV, and 'Little Miss Sunshine' on DVD, and 'Apocalypto' at the Cinema. Loved all three. Next movie will be '300', probably - looks funtastic.

16. What about books?
'Andy Kaufman Revealed!: Best friend Bob Zmuda tells all', and 'On Blondes: From aphrodite to Madonna, why blondes have more fun', by Joanna Pitman. I always read two or three books at the same time.

17. Do you enjoy eating sushi?
I've never tasted anything so disgusting. Like licorice, coffee, beer and smoking, I just don't get the fascination.

18. Name a place you long to visit.
Any island that has great reefs and ample sea life. I would like to see the pyramids, but if I die before then, I'm not fussed.

19. Now tell me somewhere you would refuse to go?
Central Australia... who wants to go further away from the coast?

20. Do you believe in life after death?
Nah, I think the clue is in the word 'death'.

21. Do you talk to God?
I used to but got fed up with being ignored. You can only go so far with a one sided conversation before you realise you're talking to yourself. See the other blog.

22. Any regrets?
Yes. And that's another list I would need to make that I seriously don't want to.

23. If you could be anyone else in the world for just one day, who would you pick?
Jim Carrey

24. Who would you never want to be?
That poor ugly kid I used to sit next to in high school.

25. Why wouldn't you want to be that person?
I'm vain and would probably slit my wrist if I couldn't afford the rhinoplastery on my nose.

26. Tell me something that makes you uncomfortable.
The thought of losing my job... or losing my teeth... the hair's ok.

27. Now, something you are completely comfortable doing?
Being lazy.

28. Do you have a favorite childhood memory?
Camping on the beach at Fraser Island.

29. Worst one?
Listening to the old man screaming... or imagining him screaming when I ran away after accidently throwing a canoe through his windshield. I still have that canoe.

30.Think of a song that describes how you feel at this point in your life.
Pete Murray - opportunity

So it goes another lonely day. Your savin time but your miles away - Your fly was drownin in some bitter tea - For seeing lost opportunity - Find your mirror go and look inside - And see the talent you always hide - Don't go kid yourself well not today - Satisfaction's not too far away - Hold on now your exits here - It's waiting just for you - Don't pause too long It's fading now - It's ending all too soon - you'll see.

31. What was the last social function you attended?
Teacher work party. Too many teachers...

32. Is your life what you thought it would be at this point?
Mostly... halfway through it now. It's not too bad but I'm not sure I'll ever own a freaking house.

33. You can change one thing about your life right now.
Pass, thanks. A decent car would be good though.

34. Is there anyone who knows everything about you? All of your secrets?
We sorta had this question. There's a girl I talk to online that I trust with stuff. She swaps too... we could crucify each other if we needed to. knowledge is power eh gal?

35. Is there anyone that you trust completely?
A few girls.. not guys.. they're too male... I'm a male and I know not to trust us. Ahh, except Troy, but China is far enough off to feel safe. We'll shake hands one day pal.

36. How did you find your way to your profession?
A blonde girl named Ainslie convinced me it was the way to go. This is all your fault girl!

37. Do you believe in life long monogamy?
Monogomy? Is that like monopoly?

38. What's your favorite food?
Curry, green curry, red curry... heck I'll take any colour. KFC floats my boat too.

39. Favorite alcoholic beverage?
Smirnoff Cola

40. If you could talk to anyone in the world, who would it be?
Michael Leunig... philosopher, cartoonist, poet. That's his work at the header and footer of this blog. Ohhh and Bill Watterson of 'Calvin and Hobbes' ... ohhh and - Jesse Jane.. she's such a talented actress.

41. What would you say to that person?
Thanks for the great moments? All of you...

42. What was the first concert you went to?
Elton John with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

43. The last?
That's so sad I can't even bring myself to say it. It was probably a Christian band or something.

44. Are you a gadget guru?
I love having a reasonably up to date laptop and desktop PC. I hate my phone for being one year old. I need an Playstation 3 and I love fiddling with my blogs. I love the widgets.

45. What is the ring tone on your cell phone?
Madonna's 'Hung up'

46. Tell me 3 things you are afraid of.
Toads, car problems, and a particular teacher.

47. Give me the names of your 3 favorite television programs.
Prison Break, Curb your enthusiasm, Letterman.

48. What do you think is worse: having your heart broken by the one you love or breaking the heart of the one you love?
The latter.

49. Name a behavior of other people that you don't understand.

50. What is something about you that you think others would not understand.

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