So what am I now? An atheist?

I have links to atheist blogs and websites because I find them interesting, reasonable and much more entertaining than their counterparts. Even when I was a Christian I thought the debunking site were more engaging, then the flowery fingers down the throat Ned Flander's rambles.

I know people love to 'brand' others with titles and I've gone under a lot of them in the past few years: Fundy, Christian, Baptist, Universalist, Agnostic, muggle, mudblood... I've never called myself an Atheist but am getting that from a few sides lately. I must be sending out that vibe, and I don't blame anyone for giving me the title. It certainly doesn't worry me.

Some think there are only two sides: Atheists and Christians, with perhaps miscellaneous as a third (out of the self-title Atheists and Christian Apologists, I have no idea who comes across more arrogantly in their blogs - I'm thinking the Christians do), but of course everyone is along a different continuum.

Do I believe in God? Am I an atheist? Well... more than some and less than others I suppose. I don't believe in a singular over-arching personality that lived for an eternity before deciding to make some little friends to love and torture. A universe scattered with matter and random molecule mixing is as believable as an empty universe to me, but a super being behind it all. No, I just can't seem to get that to logically stick anymore. If I do get a hint of anything supernatural or magical, I'll let you all know. Until then I'm a muggle - "A non-magic person".


Anonymous said...

I am curious: what makes something believable for you? It seems clear enough that you can't really know that the universe is chaotic and uncontrolled as a matter of fact, any more than you can know that the moon really isn't made of green cheese.
It's impossible to question everything, and thus there must be something that you accept (for lack of a better term) on blind faith. If you don't mind me asking, what is it?

mothpete said...

I believe if you drop a rubber ball, it bounces back to a certain degree, depending on the material the ball is made out of.

If it made out of lead, it won't bounce back. This is a proven and obvious state of the physics around us. I can believe that. It makes sense and simply 'is'.

That there 'is' a universe is also without question. That there is an invisible caretaker? Well, so far I haven't dropped a ball and seen it hover above the ground and I don't think I will.

Why I Don't Believe said...

You're an Atheist...but a passive one.