Affect something

"Every person throughout all of civilization has always walked through life with one single desire. That desire is to affect something, or leave something behind. Through our religions, through our studies, and through our very being we seek to leave a mark on our world and the society within it. Within this blog, I am going to attempt to develop my skill of the written word and train it to the point to where I can succeed in my goal as a human being: to affect something."

(Something seems to be wrong with Blogger today - can't comment and stuff)

Here was my comment anyway:

Affect something, Yeah! That's a driving force isn't it? I think we're so driven by the frustration of our mortality that we'll do anything to leave a mark and feel like we're part of the big picture. Having babies to continue our legacies and fulfill the dreams that were left unrealised; writing an original book, poem or song; writing a blog that will change the thinking of others.

I think we're so preoccupied with the idea of holding onto our youth that many of us have invented the concept of a "wonderworld" after death. It's a commonality amongst all belief sets and is usually a lofty unintelligent concept.

Pretending this whole life is a test and that it's pretty much just a temporary residence is a good way to sweep the regret of a wasted life of mistakes and bad days under the mat.

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