On the 145th hour God rested

I've only until recently been unsure of which way is more likely, Creation or Evolution/chance but after listening to far too many religious nutters try to defend a six-day creation, there's one thing I am sure of:

We're slowly de-evolving!

There seem to be more stupid people every day and sooner or later we're gonna have to go to war and wipe out the weaker species or we're simply going to de-evolve back to primates. It'll be freakin' Planet of the Apes but instead of talking and putting humans in bamboo cages and building little cities we'll be playing with out own poo and speaking in tongues.

And no, I don't feel like discussing why I don't believe the world was created in 144 hours with a 24 hour rest for the big guy afterwards. It's just too exhausting, and will only further out de-evolution.


Anonymous said...

This is the thought of amercans? land of the free? is this why you went to Vietnam? to wipe out a weaker species and to your utmost surprise they weren't that weak?
when your own gorvenments pretends to send people to the moon, bombs up the twin towers and you can still suggest that there is another weaker species, you my fat little friend are the weaker species, you are part of that race that should never exsisted... you are the people that makes a plague of cocroaches seem like a blessing...

and with comments like this... you're like a pig eating apples under a tree, not once having the decency to look up to see where they are falling from.

Anonymous said...

I find it easy to defeat Creationists. They'll never change their minds, of course, but it's easy to draw them to a point where they tangle themselves up and stymie themselves.

Here's a lovely question for them... does God have eyes? We are told that "God saw the light, and it was good," so presumably before he made light he'd have been in the dark. And if he "saw" the light, we assume he has some form of eyes. And if he'd just spent eternity in darkness, why in God's name does he have eyes? We all know that creatures who spend all their time in the dark have no eyes. Did he give himself eyes because he knew that approximately an eternity in future, he'd make a universe and need to see stuff? Or did he give himself eyes at the moment of creation, having prior to that been completely blind?

A blind god? Doesn't sound very omnipotent to me...