My Evolving Evolution ideas

I haven't seen enough missing links to convince me that we went from Captain Caveman to Pamela Anderson in a process of natural selection and survival of the fittest. Why did we get all this smooth hairless skin apart from a mane of locks from our scalp? Why would we lose all that protective 'fur' only to have to sew the skin from other animals to keep us warm and protect our genitals from the thorn bushes. Wouldn't the Jews have evolved circumsized penises after many generations of foreskin removals (so my old pastor used to say)?

While all monkeys within their species look the same, I find it remarkable that all humans look completely different from each other. Different hair colours, face structures, body types, hair styles, Two women rarely even have similar looking mamory glands or labias.. so much diversity.. fingerprints are even all different. Survival of the fittest should have weeded out all of the ugly people too, yet here I am!

Of all the bones we dig up I never see a progression of skeletal structures from T-Rex to crocodile or whatever. Where's the pre-chicken or the pre-bunny rabbit? I only see fully designed T-Rexs or Brontosauruses. How did eyes evolve? Did we keep walking into trees until our long line of begats developed photosensitive neural receptors? Nah, I don't buy it and I just personally don't believe in Darwin's theory. Nothing makes sense to me apart from the absurd notion of a creative and pre-existing omnipotent 'Q' sort of being.

Ok on the OTHER hand now: If there is a God and he was to reproduce himself to his creation in a way that wouldn't melt their eyes everytime they beheld him walkin' around, it seems to gel that he would stroll around amongst us and show off his super powers. Whatever happened, it was significant and sent the following message to us:

GOD - "Hey, I lowered myself to come down and visit but you turkeys thought I was big-noting myself and you hammered me into a tree! Bad form; bad form humans! But I understand... nobody likes a know-it-all and it made you feel pretty insecure. The message continues, "Look guys, all I was trying to say is that we at upper-management understand that life can suck under the law so we're doing a compromise. You let out your thousands of years of frustration whipping the skin off of my back and ram my arms with nails into the cross... feel better now? It hurt like hell! Do your worst and I'll pop back up, as good as new, to go on with the message I came down to tell you in the first place."

GOD - (That message) "We apologise for the inconvenience. All sins are forgiven but just TRY to treat each other nice, OK? I have other advice which we'll put into the book. My name is my word and if you believe in it you'll be just fine"

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