Kentucky Fried Crucifixion

PETA asks the Christians at KFC: "What would Jesus think of the fact that you’re not willing to even lift a finger to help the 850 million chickens killed for your restaurants, even though it is entirely within your power to do so? I’m not trying to be some Biblical scholar here, but honestly, it is just plain evil to continue to cause massive suffering when there are simple changes that can be made, and have been made by other fast food joints."

What would Jesus do? He had no problem sending an evil spirit into a herd of swine and letting them die, so maybe the 850 million chooks are the vessels for modern exorcised demons. All sorts of turtle doves and goats paid the price for sins and such in the old good book. I think a Chicken saviour is long overdue. A chosen chook should be raised up and cruci-fried for the sins of the colonel... hmm, maybe Pam Anderson is that old chook?

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Rose said...

Remember, we have dominion over all animals... don't mind me as I roll my eyes.

Eek said...

Interesting logic and even more interesting OMFG HEATH IS RONALD NOW!?!?! pic.

Where the hell do you find this crap?

(pun on the word hell btw, sigh)


The Maze Monster said...

Remember it's not just KFC,... there's also Church's Chicken, Popeyes Chicken, as well as Wendy's, McDonalds, Arby's, Olive Garden, WalMart, Tyson,... and many many more that sell chicken but seem to fall off the radar as being cruel.