God's inactions brand him as a mass murderer

(The following references to god are hypothetical because I have not any evidence such a being exists - Moth)

Last week in Canada a man sharing a bus with others calmly left his seat and took out a knife to repeatedly stab and decapitate a young random person minding his own business. He taunted police and traumatised onlookers by playing with the decapitated head. It was horrifying beyond words and sure to be a source of nightmares for all those who witnessed the terror. Children were scarred for life with the gruesome scene and tragically learnt the truth that some people are truly monsters and this is the world they live in.

Clearly the murderer was insane, but has since admitted to the court that he knew what he was doing and knew it was wrong. Murder and rape and other monstrous things are done daily and I'm reminded by various school massacres and the 'ethnic' cleansings, ala Rwanda, that incredible pain and suffering is manifest in our society and always has been. Forget a future supernatural hell in the afterlife... people live in hell now.

When these things happen I try to imagine an omnipresent god shielding his eyes and cringing at the amount of cracked eggs that seem to have to happen in order to make his omelette. He 'could' intervene and stop the incredible suffering. Afterall, he does seem to find time to intervene and heal people from various colds and cancers now and then. Christians always make a big deal about the time when his son was tortured for an afternoon and then killed... luckily for him he was revived in a matter of days. The parents of the decapitated boy on the bus don't have that luxury and apparently will even have the Cult Fundamentalis Westbro Christians picketing at the funeral to tell Canada that the horror was god's devine judgement on their unrighteous government.

There are bible verses in Isaiah etc that hint that god created 'evil' or that is possibly interpreted as calamity. I don't know. He is certainly credited with creating everything and obviously knew what his creation would do. He created people knowing they would decapitate and rape each other. Apparently there is some punishment coming for the phsychopaths and reconciliation or restoration coming, but the price just seems too high. Aside from poor Jesus' whipping and crucifixion we have far too many children sodomised and molested by their own family members. It's just too common. For many people, being raped by daddy is as common as a family picnic. It's freaking gastly and mostly hidden, and it makes me angry when Christians say that this sort of suffering is necessary for the glory of what god has in store.

The blood is on god's hands, and what he has had in store for us so far has been heinous. In the old testament he had whole armies invade other territories and allowed to murder everyone in the family, and even allowed to take women agains their wishes. Imagine the horror of being invaded and having your family and cattle torn apart by Israel. God sent his spirit into Egypt to slay all the first born. Nice. There are many stories of the war loving god of the Old testament. That various 'sins' had to be atoned via the cutting up and burning of animals just seems so... messed up to begin with.

It's his universe and he can run it anyway he pleases. I would have rathered he'd have come up with a better plan to enable him to have people to play with, rather than the current one where countless millions have endured gross suffering and torturous grief for so long. I'll tip my hat to him in thanks for the fun I've had so far and hope that next week my own son isn't decapitated and used as a bloody puppet on a bus. If I'm really lucky maybe I won't spend eternity writhing in a hell he has designed to punish me forever for not believing in what I figure to be very much unbelievable as determined by the brain that he designed for me to think with in the first place.

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mothpete said...

I can hypothetically argue what Batman would do in a situation. Should he rescue Harvey or Rachel? I'm then blaming him for the outcomes of that action or inaction. In this case I know Batman doesn't exist and am not trying to prove his non-existance, I'm simply playing with his character. This is the scenario I'm talking about in response to Urchin's question. Why do atheist's blame god for bad things? They don't blame him... they don't believe he exists. However, the character of god portrayed by the bible text is who we're talking about here and he has hypothetically designed a population he knew would kill and maim each other, repeatedly. Waving the word theodicy around doesn't delete the conundrum of the massive amount of broken and bloody eggshells for the omelette.