Amazing Movie Moments

Hundreds of movies are made per year (not counting porn or Bollywood) and I hardly have the time to keep up with watching new ones seeing as my money and time are limited, plus there's too much quality tv sapping my viewing hours (do not debate me on this!). I wonder why I even spend so much time trying to burn and collect old movies. I haven't got time to watch them again! But there are puh-lenty of great movie moments that I'ld like to revisit. Perhaps I should do a collection of movie moments - sort of like a music collection.

You know how you put all the best mp3s on one CD. Most albums only have about 3 or 4 decent songs on them and many movies only have a few decent scenes. This would be my compilation of movie moments. This list is excluding horror movies... 'cause that's a whole other post:

My favourite Movie Moments
  • The final Crane kick in the Karate Kid
  • The scene where the Captain joins in with his kids in a verse of Eidlevies (sound of Music)
  • When William Wallace dies while yelling FREEDOM
  • Talledega Nights - Saying 'Grace' to baby Jesus
  • TDK Joker beaten up in the interrogation room
  • Rambo 2 - "Murdock... I'm coming to get you"
  • When the boy is reunited with his mother in Life is Beautiful
  • Indiana Jones simply shoots the sword wielding bad guy
  • Obi Wan screams, "You were meant to be the chosen one"
  • The Transporter's greasy floor fight
  • Robocop blows away the bad guy and is asked his name - "Murphy"
  • Bill Murray trying to kill himself in Groundhog Day
  • The T-rex attacks the tour car in Jurassic Park
  • Ramis and Murray's banter in the recruiting office - Stripes
  • "I'm innocent!" "I don't care!" - The Fugitive
  • "The truth is... I am... Iron-Man"
  • Street fight - Superman 2
  • Napolean Dynamite dance scene
  • Evil Dead 3 - Ash suits up and roars the chainsaw
  • Clock tower - Spiderman 2
  • Axel at strip show - Beverly Hills Cop
  • Forklift suit verses Alien queen - Aliens
  • Any scene in Sin City
  • The sword duel in The Princess Bride
  • The town meeting in Footloose
Very tempting to list mostly the final moments of a movie... those moments that lift your heart before the credits roll.

eg. When the essay is read out in The Breakfast Club or Dundee walks over the crowd's heads to get his girl...

The Breakfast Club - One of my favorite scenes is when John Bender is lecturing the rest on how belonging to a school club is rediculous and Brian timidly announces that he's in the physics club. When Bender asks him what it is that they do in the physics club, Brian replies "We study physics...and properties of physics."


DB said...

I am glad to see you have a scene from the Princess Bride...a connoisseur you are!

mothpete said...

As well you must be. I'm amazed at how many people haven't actually seen the PB - inconceivable! It is gold from start to finish and is so quotable!

DB said...

Truly, you have a dizzying intellect. Lol, so quotable indeed!