Silent Dark Knight... Holy Dark Knight

I have seen the face of my god and he has black pointy ears.

This is the movie I hoped to see 20 years ago that would explore and contrast the heroic self-control of the Batman with the villainous anarchy of the Joker. Good versus evil. Control verses chaos. This is a huge epic story of Gotham City and a war against crime that can be easily seen as social commentary of a war against terror. There is despair, there is pain, and there is only a little hope. It's dark and there are plenty of dragons for this knight to slay.

Nolan's sequel to Batman Begins doesn't go over old ground and is a very different movie. The colour and mood is different and it is bigger and far Superior to the 'origin' story that almost acted as a warm up act.

The supporting cast get a fair share of screen time and in the two and a half hours there is no room for 'filler'. George Lucas should have written a story so well of a two-faced hero that falls from grace.

The use of sound reminded me of how tension is built in 'Lost' and the tension builds as the choices people are forced to make rival the ones given by Jigsaw in 'Saw'.

One helluva an intelligent movie for comic book superhero movie fans, for Batman fans, for crime movie fans and for fanboys who will see the subtlest of winks to Batman lore (don't miss the whites of his eyes or the cat nod).

Heath Ledger pulled the strings so well for his character than I never really saw or heard the actor himself. I saw the Joker as he is and was imagined and developed by writers over the decades in the comics and graphic novels. He nailed it for us and will forever be hailed as an utter legend and master of his craft.

My favourite movie of it's genre... as I thought it would be, and thankfully made up for the disappointment of Burton's Batman of 1989 which, in hindsight, had its redeeming features too.


Eek said...

Normally I would respond with "meh" but since people seem to think that makes me nasty and uncaring and, well, nasty... I'll just think it and not say it.

Seeing the big bad bat movie tomorrow in fact.

snakey said...
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snakey said...

yooHoo! *waves* I fucked that last one up so here I go again.

I have some of those special comfy seats tickets stuck on my fridge. I'm going soon myself.

Can't wait to hear Bats with a lisp!

I thought the new Bat tat or Butt tat would also look great on the lower back - its the right shape.....or is that only for 'girls'..

Oooopps. Couldn't help being a little 'nasty' myself eek. (just for old times sake)

Bloody cold here mate!

Good fun on the blog as usual.

mothpete said...

Hey Snakeoil! Nice to hear from ya. Yeah, the bat is a perfect shape for the lower back... not that I'd ever tatt there, for two reasons: It'd be girly and I wouldn't be able to stare at it for hours without using a mirror - ha.

Met up with Troy in Brisbane, face to face finally. It was a buzz, but strangely not all that different from talking online. Maybe I'm too comfortable with online relationships and don't need that physical presence.

cya round

snakey said...
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