Atheist responses to a Christianist

Sometimes they allow a Christian post into to feed the lions... I summarised some responses:
I want you to know that just because you dont believe in God, doesnt mean he's not there. God loves you. Romans 5:8 says God demonstrates His love for us in this: while we were still sinners Christ died for us. God has a love and a grace that is beyond human understanding. I am a christian obviously and I believe that Jesus Christ will be coming again and that He will take His people, the believers, with Him. I pray that you and the people who dont believe in Christ will turn before that day. If you want to ask me some questions or anything email me back.

Brandon, learn the concept and definition of Stockholm Syndrome. - HappyChef

Well let's see. It's been 2000 years and he hasn't returned, so I guess he's not in any hurry to find his way back to this tiny earth from whatever galaxy he went home to - Atheisttoothfairy

What I want to know, is that if your "god" has a love and grace incomprehensible to man, then how can can one accept it? how would you know if you have it if you can't comprehend it? Nice try. S R Webb

Using the bible to prove your god is like using the works of L. Frank Baum to prove Munchkins. Myfel1960

Look, all of us here have heard it, done it, and most importantly, lived it. So away with you and your peter pan christian advice - Psychman

I fail to understand how drowning planets, killing one's own son and ultimately destroying the planet constitutes "love". Must've missed the memo on that one - Astreja

Hey brandon, why don't you just fuck off? We're more interested in sinning and pissing god and jesus off over here. Perhaps try, they still believe in supernatural spookies over there.... - sir fer

And just because you believe in god, that doesn't mean he is there. And let me tell you what is beyond understanding. It is the pleasure one experiences when one grows up and gets off his knees and learns to act like a man. You sound like a child. "I am a christian". That sounds like "I got an A on my spelling test" or "I got a bike for my birthday". You are a christian; well big fucking deal. Let us know when you learn to go potty - ryan

Since abandoning my god belief, I am a lot more at peace with myself and reality. In this life of reality you learn to accept that we can roll with the punches, and find the answers to our own problems. Find the strength to deal with losses. Find the time to laugh and enjoy life, without the guilt complex that x-tianity ingrains in us. So, read your bible to somebody else, and enjoy your fantasy world. I would never go back! - eejay

Oh man, you're funny. You'll pray for me? I'll think for you - thetraveler928

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE before it's TOO LATE!! The Flying Spaghetti Monsters hell is full of strippers with venereal diseases, and even worse, the beer there is STALE!! Please save yourselves from this horrible eternity, and give your life up to the only one true god, The Flying Spaghetti Monster. swifty32661

Currently by you accepting and boasting a title of Christian, you are nothing more than a Christian zealot self-righteous bigot... Self-aggrandizing titles have no basis in reality, they are decoys invented to spew hatred and separation against other human beings... No part of the Bible was written by a god or Jesus, only by men that had either a revelation or a vision or by dreams or hallucinations of grandeur by the influence of hallucingenic drugs. Steven Bently

Go back to your little prayer circle, sing KUM BY YA a few times and just tithe yourself into oblivion. As a wise contributor to this site once said before - "You are not the droids we are looking for". Wayne


snakey said...

"Oh where".. "oh where".. would wittle cwistians be without 'ex christians' to play with (and visa versa) - where would ex christians be without the odd xian to poke fingers at.

Silly stupid online game! Gets dead boring after awhile.

hehehe....THe new wave "atheists' are a touchy bunch these days. No novel responses amongst that lot Mothy.

Anonymous said...

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Christ, Jesus H. said...

I love this site!! I'm hooked!

Just a link to a fun religious satire:

Christ, Jesus H. said...
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DB said...

That made my day. I love it when a christian feels like saving the world and get nailed by the non-believers.