Convincing evidence for a god?

Tarradiddle made me aware of Ray Comfort's blog and I couldn't help but have a look at it even though the thought or reading or listening to anything he and his 'Boy Wonder' Kirk Cameron have to say makes me a bit nauseous. I just think they suck, is all.

To my surprise, the blog is fun because many of the commentators are atheist/agnostics and they seem to get the pwnage over the ridiculous blog entries of Mr Comfort (in my opinion anyway). I thought the blog, and the comments he allows, makes for fun reading. I noticed the following challenge within the com-boxes:

To all the atheists: What would it take to convince you that God did exist? What would you accept as evidence?

"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence" was a phrase popularized by Carl Sagan, and the Christian set would have us believe that such extraordinary evidence did come 2000 years ago and was well documentated. I'm sorry, but that was good for them, but no such good evidence for anyone else.

I mean, ol' Jesus got all showboaty for the folk back then but nowadays all we get from his super 'holy ghost' powers he left with his people is the ability to fall over (ala Benny Hinn) and the remarkable ability to speak gibberish (speaking in tongues). That's not the Holy Spirit, that's tequila.

In all my 33 years of regular church going, I've never seen any evidence that anything supernatural even remotely exists at all. The whole supernatural concept is a complete scam. I wanted to believe in ghosts, I wanted to believe in demons, I wanted to believe in god... and I wanted to so much that I think I convinced myself to believe my own lies. Self deceptions and wishful thinking is all the evidence there exists for god, and you can call it faith if you like but the term, 'crock of shite' also works.

I'd be happy to get all Fox Moulder but for now I'm gonna have to Scully it and I will recant this whole blog if any of the following happens... and you'll know about it.

Acceptable evidence (some from Ray's com-box and Tarradidle ):
  1. Healed amputees
  2. Elvis risen from the dead... actually no, Steve Irwin. Yeah, Steve... then we'd have less of Bindy and her mum doing tv.
  3. Christians would have longer lifespans.
  4. An angel or other Super being floating at my window (with or without witnesses... I do trust my own eyes, even after a few drinks).
  5. A picture of the 'Lord's Supper' in my grilled cheese sandwich.
  6. The writer's strike to stop THIS WEEK, so I can get me some more seasons of DEXTER!!


Anonymous said...

Some people rail on poor old Ray because he is such a stoopid, ignorant, boob, but I like to have him around at least for comic relief.

Anonymous said...

Christians would have longer lifespans. =))) hehehe

mothpete said...

I don't think I'll ever revisit the Ray comfort blog. I feel completely revulsed by the conversations I've had there. My initial thoughts were right about him and his type. No, they're not the sort of people I want to associate with and I don't think I want to 'reprise' my christianity conversations as a way of reminiscing.

I do enjoy reading people getting pwned with a good debate, and I like my other movie forums better where geeks argue over which director is the shittiest, Michael Bay or Ratter. Sometimes even watching some stupid atheists get pwned by christians is fun too. There are no sides... just more skilled debators and their need to sell something.