The Chasers vs the Westboro freaks (youtube)

Ahhh, those cheeky Chaser boys... gotta love 'em.

Westboro are getting a lot of press for a small group, but I think we're fascinated with what people are capable of when religion is uninhibited by what normal people hold back with common sense and common ethic.

The vile Westboro church creatures may be a tad fanatical and extreme and probably embarrassing to many mainstream christians, but there's something there in essence that lies just under the surface of all Christianity. I don't think Westboro is too far from what most of Christendom believe but are too polite in most cases to run out with pickets to do.
They disgust me to the core. Anyone who can act out so much hate while smiling all the way is chilling. And it's that same cold, fake smile that I see in most Christians after they leave one of their Sabbath day brainwashing services.

The Most Hated Family in America

Louis Theroux quotes:

"What we're trying to do in the documentary is look at an activity that is so antisocial, so strange, so futile and at its worst, so cruel, and we're saying "Why? Why do that?", especially when you seem to be, for the most part, kind and sensitive people. We're exploring what is cruelty, trying to explain how something that really does very often just amount to cruelty could be perpetuated and passed down in a family. Why would nice people do such horrible things?"


Anonymous said...

One question, only.... Why has no one shot the pathetic piece of S-h-i-t Fred Phelps yet?

nullifidian said...

There's also British actor Keith Allen's Keith Allen will burn in hell, which is bloody hilarious (and not a little cringeworthy)! :-)

snakey said...
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