Happy "Re-Birthday" Christians

Here's a thing. I don't think born again Christians should be celebrating their birthdays, because that's the day they were born into 'sin'! To celebrate that day makes sweet baby Jesus cry with their disrespect. Instead, they should be celebrating the anniversaries of their born-again day.

Christians, if you continue to celebrate your birthday, rather than your re-birthday you spit at Jesus everytime. Just a thought.

Back to Halloween. Christians are a superstitious huddled mass and what resonable others recognise as a fun day with a scary theme derived from ancient practice is little different from an even scarier special day... Easter. Eating flesh and blood, whipping, crucifixion, thorns... all carted out and even re-enacted in costumes by some.

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Handsome B. Wonderful said...

Yeah then there is their sociopathic serial killer "God." Scarier then anything Halloween could ever produce.