Happy Raptureday Blockhead

Twiddle dee, diddle dee dee
Armageddon, it cometh for thee
The world will end
all knees will bend
The raptured singing with glee

Twiddle dee, diddle dee Do'h
Everything you cherish shall go
The sky to blood
your flesh to mud
Sit back and enjoy the show

We'll fiddle while watching Rome burn
I knew they never would learn
Just drop the bomb
we'll sing along
as your god makes his return

Twiddle dee, diddle dee die
You won't even have time to cry
No time to blink
or smell the stink
of your flesh about to fry


Anonymous said...

Funny as, well, Hell! I wish it would hurry.

Anonymous said...

Reads like death metal for children, or something. Made me giggle, anyway. Nice picture, too, but I don't see credit. Can you say whose work it is?

Eek said...

Hey thats a really nice, pleasant, positive, happy piece of poetry you've got there.