Tripod - Someday the Lord

Someday, the Lord's gonna take me away from here,

He'll take away all my misery and fear.

And He'll take me up to see a better place,

And the times we'll have will be completely ace.

And He'll say, "Go to sleep, my son",

Yes, He'll be like a Dad to me,

But a Dad with magic powers,

'Cause He's the Lord.

Someday, the Lord's gonna meet me at a party,

And He won't say, "You don't remember my name, do you?".

He won't embarass me or put me to shame,

He'll just be graceful and repeat His ----ing name.

And I will say to Him,

"It's nothing personal",

And He will understand,

'Cause He's the Lord.

Someday, the Lord's gonna like the movie "Tron",

And He won't laugh at me because I like it too.

And He'll go with me to Tron marathons,

And we'll dress up like Tron and buy Tron merchandise.

And we'll hunt autographs together,

And He'll let me stand next to Tron,

And He'll take the photograph,

'Cause He's the Lord.

For the Lord is a powerful man,

He can get you what you need.

He can have you resurrected,

He can get you some shit-hot weed.

Someday, the Lord's gonna find me a lovin' girl,

He'll set us up with a mansion and a trust fund.

And we won't have to do anything all day,

We won't have to work, or even have to play.

We'll be completely free of cares,

We'll be suspended in a tank,

And He will feed us through a tube,

'Cause He's the Lord.

I don't ask much from the Lord,

But I ask to be fed through a tube!

1 comment:

Eek said...

I love tripod.

Seen them live a few times... I even ended up with one of the picks the guitar playing dude threw into the audience at the last gig lol.

Go me. :P