Satanic Titanic

Titanic has won 11 Oscars and is already the highest grossing movie of all time. It tells an inspiring tale of love, courage, and selflessness in the face of hypocrisy and tragedy. Here are some Christian comments on the world's most popular movie:

"Titanic reminds me of the distinctions between people of faith and secularists. ... The heroes of this modern Titanic fit into this latter category. ... [Titanic is] fundamentally immoral."
(Elizabeth Farah, conservative commentator)

"For millions the Titanic is now a triumphant story of how one upper-crust girl found salvation - body and soul - through sweaty sex, modern art, self-esteem lingo and social rebellion. Titanic is a passion play celebrating the moral values of the 1960s as sacraments. Rose sums it up by saying that she could abandon her old life and family because her forbidden lover [Jack] `saved me in every way that a person can be saved'."
(Terry Mattingly, syndicated columnist)

The movie’s most obvious sin of omission is its nearly total failure to show the passengers praying and singing hymns in their hour of crisis. The hero and heroine of Titanic display language, attitudes, and sexual abandon that would have been unlikely on several counts in 1912. In those days, even a girl who didn’t value her chastity had to think about pregnancy, disease, and social ruin. (WLL Fundamental Baptist Information)

"The line that set me off I believe also to have been the defining line of the film: the assertion that the sort of saving that Jack did was, ultimately, the only kind of saving possible. If that was the thesis statement of the film, then I start looking for the cloven hoof and sniffing for brimstone." (Father Patrick Henry Reardon, a philosophy professor and Orthodox priest, writing in the ecumenical journal Touchstone)

Titanic's director James Cameron seemed to confirm his critics view of the film as promoting secularism when he said of the ship's tragic voyage: "I think I discovered the truth of its lesson - which is all you have is today."

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