Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Spare the spoil, rod the child)

Come on people, hurry up and read this book ASAP. Great modern literature has found a new benchmark.

I want to blog about it desperately, but this is one book you don't risk spoiling for others. I'm choosing my words carefully here so as not to taint anyone's experience. It's my urge - my message - to plead you to read this book as soon as possible... before you get information that will take away from this literary experience.

The six books were a build up and this is the climax. No one who reads this book could call it a children's book anymore. There is so much to take from this book... morality, empathy, sacrifice, joy and sorrow. This is actually an amazing analogy for the message of Christianity when you complete the circle which this book ties up. Christians will be slightly embarrased I think... maybe the Christian apologists will have to apologise.

Buy it, borrow it, download it (I can email it to you -if- I had a copy ;-] -if- I was the sort of person who downloads such things... surely Rowling has enough money now, heck Daniel Radclif turned 18 today and has 46 million dollars in his gringots vault).

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Eek said...

Doesn't everyone just die in the end?