God's still playing the 'Forbidden Fruit' game

Christian Porn addicts confess:

10/14/3 “I'm a 19 year old male who has been trapped in the clutches of pornography for a little over 2 years now. Little did I know on that day when I literally begged my parents to get the Internet that I would be taking my first steps towards sin and debauchery. I only pray that God has mercy on my soul and gives me the strength to break free.”

5/23/3 “I’m 63 and have been addicted to pornography since I was 13. In 1995 through counseling and prayer I was able to finally get rid of all the magazines, books and videos. …I lived a porn free life from July 1995 until October of last year. Then I got a computer and totally slipped off the wagon. It is all just a mouse click away. I did not purchase this computer with porn in mind. There are so many wonderful things out there in cyber land. So getting rid of the computer is a last resort. The porn just filled a void in my life. But instead of contributing anything positive it has just made things worse. Now not only am I suffering from burnout I’m also filled with guilt, disappointment, self-doubt and a lot of other personal negative feelings. …I just want to get my life back. I’m tired of looking at and trading porn with other lost souls for up to 10 hours a day.”

5/18/6 "I am writing to tell people how bad porn is. Porn destroys your relationship with God. There are so many times I have looked at porn and I would come to God to ask for forgiveness and then turn around again and look at porn again. One night, I got so into porn that my mind did not care if I went to Hell or anything else."

1/2/3 “I'm 17, and I have been masturbating for four years. It started when my friend told me of a free password site for porn. I tried stopping, but the temptation was too great. I kept telling myself I'll stop tomorrow. I tried gradually going down, and I said to myself, well maybe reading explicit stories isn't bad. But the fantasies were still in my head. I had to read more and more extreme stories, until I started visiting explicit websites again. I thought I was hopeless. What's worse follows. I then started looking at gay porn. I know deep inside, God has made me compatible for a woman, and I want a family later on. But the temptation kept growing and growing. I don't watch porn anymore, but I can't stop masturbating. Most of the time, I try to justify it, saying there's nothing wrong with it.”

6/7/6 I got out of my bed and destroyed my porn collection. I strongly warn everybody not to indulge in hardcore pornography. Do not believe you can get away with nothing because you are just an ordinary consumer. I thought the same. I know that one time you will have to face consequences. The devil will pay you back in the same manner as you have done, watched, and fantasized. That's the righteousness of God; you will have nobody to blame for except yourself.”


Eek said...

Meh, so they feel bad about porn. Who cares lol.

Masturbate if you want, don't if you don't want to... feel guilty if you find it necessary... I don't care lol.

Watch porn, don't watch porn. Like straight porn, or gay porn, or even animal porn (EEEWWW) I guess... care not still.

Meh, whatever.

Handsome B. Wonderful said...

Christians have such a martyr/guilt complex. If we weren't meant to enjoy the beautiful human body then "God" wouldn't have given us eyes.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it beautiful that we live in a world where such experiences are available to us? To feel guilt, joy, sexual arousal, addiction? To feel, at all, is such a wonderful gift. I think that that's the point of it all.

If we didn't have emotions and lusts, we would be robots. And that's no way to live. :)