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Some quotes from Atheists Online

EGGMYSTIC: 7 days without prayer , makes one weak!

JeIcoJo: I may be a nut but I'm screwed onto the right bolt - JESUS

JesusFierySword: WARNING: Exposure to the SON may prevent BURNING

GoTheNation: Anyone here wearing their cape? Cause honestly you would have to be super stupid, to reject eternal life through forgivness.

SINOTME: Christians = Can't Handle Reality Issues, So They Invent A Nonsensical Scenario

ASeaOfSins: C.H.R.I.S.T.I.A.N.S. = Cretins Happily Reading Inconsistent Silly Tales Involving A Non-existent Savior

K billy DJ: Well happy satan worshipping to you all.. i'm off to cut the nuts off of baby bunny rabbits and dip them in goat shit while burning them in a poool of fire.. cya guys

ASeaOfSins: The Holy Bible™ A Grim Fairy Tale by Lord thy God. Copyright ยช 325 AD, Council of Nicea. All Rights Reserved. All characters and situations in this book are fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons or events is strictly coincidental.

ASeaOfSins: Our Father, who aren't in Heaven, hollow be thy name. Thy kingdom dumb, their brains are numb; on Earth yet day-dreaming of Heaven.

ASeaOfSins: Give them, this day, a reality check. And forgive them their trespasses, as we loathe those who preach at or against us.

ASeaOfSins: Lead us not into religion, but deliver us from superstition. For thou art bunk, and mythology, and a fraud-almighty. Forever believed in never. Amen.OnlineHost:


Uber Miguel said...

lol.. hey, I want to use that mock Lord's Prayer. How should I give credit? To you or to Atheists Online?

mothpete said...

heya, Yeah linkback to here, anyone interested can go to atheists online. NOt interactive there anyway.

I would and should steal other people's work and write it off as mine. Haha... I'm too ethical. I only steal when I am absolutely sure I think I can get away with it.