Horror Movies and Hell - Reality and mythology: but who can tell?

The Descent Dreamgirls

I noticed these two movies on the cover of the latest Video Ezy brochure... am I just mental to think they're similar? Is it just me? I love finding these sort of similarities in movie posters. This isn't the best example but I have seen trends in movie posters that steal and copy previous lay-outs that helped sell successful movies.

The Descent was a great movie. Very very dark and scary and just incredible atmosphere. I have turned into a real horror movie freak geek lately - that's very Ain't Christian' of me. I downloaded Hostel: Part 2 the other night and had an absolute ball with it - I completely freaked out. That ending - OMG! I happen to be mature enough to understand that such a torture scenario is urban 'mythology'... Not many christians are able to suppress a similar idea of afterlife torture. The Hell mythologers believe many of us are truly going to a Hostel where we'll be tortured at the delight of whoever keeps the fire and poke sticks going.

I'm not scared to admit I am human enough to fear all sorts of stuff. I fear toads and grasshoppers. I fear losing my job. I fear driving long distances and having car trouble. I fear anything that may cause mental or physical pain for myself or family and friends. I fear... ummm... getting kidnapped and sent to a Hostel in Prague and being tortured to death by wealthy psychopaths.

But tortured in hell by neverending flames (on a body that will last forever, mind you), for not going to church or believing in god..? Nahhhh


Eek said...

Hmm. Yes. Lucky you clarified or I would have paid my wealthy psychopathic friends to hunt you down and kidnap you and... well, you've seen both movies so I'll leave the rest to your imagination.

And Moth, um, I may be pissing your readers off more than the Christians who occasionally leave comment here. Oops. There are a lot of stupid people out there and you know me... intelligence (or lack there of it) is my biggest prejudice.

Sorry about that lol. I'll try to be nicer. :P

Eek said...

Oh. And I just noticed. You think Dreamgirls is a horror flick? HAHAHA.

Pretty darn scary to me lol. All that niceness and "american dreams becoming reality" crap. Eek.

I think I need a shower just to cleanse those images from my head.

snakey said...

Yeah..ya right... both poster's are similar.

Dream Girls?...if I didn't have my head in the oven throughout the entire movie, I would have spat it out of my machine. I love to watch Eddy Murphy smile..he's a right turn on. but...Its R&B bullshit. Can I say that the African American's are trying too hard to win the race of fame & fortune or would that be 'racist' of me.....nah...I'm not afraid of treading of toesies.

How the 'f' are you EEk...you're not pissin me off...am I pissin anyone off..? & Who cares? Will we or anyone end up in 'hell'....Nah...

Oh yeah...I also watched 'Descent'..another bunch of girlies, this time acting tough. That movie was spooky...