Christians, turn from your faith or you will... die? Nah. Look stupid? Meh... continue in ignorant contentment? Bingo!

Cool, it's been a while since a religious person has commented on my blog, and I'd like to put him under the microscope and answer him in a blog post rather than another comment 'cause it may trigger some ideas. According to the poll I did recently, this blog seems to be read mainly by non-Christians... so I'm preaching to the ex-choir here, so to speak. Even so, it's fun to have Christian readers, who probably just want to dump a 'witness' and run anyway.

It's certainly not my intention to sell atheism to Christians - I'm just here to laugh respectfully at the many myths they choose to believe in. They have all rights to believe in them, and I have all rights to laugh at them, as they do mine. I don't really care if someone chooses to be Christian or not - I think they're as dead as I am when the bus hits. If they live and die happy in their beliefs, as I will, then it's all been a good ride for all concerned.

I thank him for reading my blog and for at least taking the time to write a decently lengthed comment. Here's what he had to say:

You poor, poor individuals! It is easy to scoff at what you don't understand and to fear what you can't explain.

Poor? Is that because we're missing out on the multitude of blessings that come with imagining that god exists? Or that we're missing out on an eternity with him/it? Pass... both are completely unlikely. And yes, it's easy to scoff it, because... it's scoff-able. I don't know if I fear things I can't explain. I can't explain Quantum Physics, but I don't fear it. Why on earth would I?

Granted I will agree that Kirk Cameron is doing Christianity no favors.

But he's playing up the stereotype so very very well. He just looks as Christian as the Ned Flandery Ray Comfort.

I feel bad for what ever happened to turn you against God. In the end you will stand among the lost and your only thought will be back to that fateful day when you lost your faith. I pray that you find your way back before that day comes.

Ohhh, don't feel bad... there there puddin'. I feel bad for the day you stopped believing in Santa... loss of innocence and all that, but we all have to grow up and get over it some day, I suppose. It's good that your parents started getting some appreciation for your presents rather than an imaginary old man. I appreciate your fears and hopes a tad, as I too believed in those things too. Imagine if the invisible pink unicorn greets you after death and you haven't been sacrificing your socks to it? Haven't thought about that have you? huh? huh?

It's not a matter of proof and these men are foolish to compare God's works with the work of man, i.e.; A Soda Can! It's a matter of taking hold of that spirit inside of you and running with it. You can't prove God's existence, that's why it's called FAITH! The definition of faith is "firm belief in something for which there is no proof".

It's also the definition for delusion, in a sense. Take my Invisible Pink Unicorn for instance. No proof, yet truly stupid to believe in (bless her holy hooves). Yeah, Ray and Kirk are the foolish faithful, no doubt. Kirk Cameron is a schmuck too... but enough name calling. Schmucky schmuck schmuck.

You once felt the fire inside, if you hadn't you would not have remained in the church for 17 years.

It was the same fire I felt inside of me that had a passionate longing for all things Star Trek, but like God and Jesus, I'm bored with Data and Picard... still fun to think about now and then, but meh. Over it. Batman and the Joker, on the other hand.... never over them. Batman's just too cool.

Now your world is a cold dark place, I will pray you find your way back to the light!

See, this is where you suck at selling your religion to us. On the perchance someone's life did suck in the cold dark way you put it, you think Christianity would fix it? How naive and awful of you... for those desperate souls needing such a crutch, you may find some target audience. Pray all you like and thanks for thinking of me but this moth has other lights to buzz around and I find the thought of someone praying for me kinda pathetic... to be blunt and honest.


Eek said...


I watched some horrific tales of the abuse of young children on tv today... and I just read a heap of sad sad stuff on the net.

Stories from the point of view of victims, stories from the point of view of the predators. In some cases, I read both sides of the same situation - the victim and his/her perp.

Then I add to this all of the holocaust/genocide stuff I watched on tv recently... all the depravity, all the human trauma, all the inhumane behaviour...

Why are we focused on inane things like who believes what and who is and isn't going to hell in the face of all that? Own your own beliefs (or disbeliefs) and move on.

Perhaps there's more important things to consider... more valuable social commentary to be made.

And no I'm not talking about Buffy... not this time anyway lol (not that I remember whatever it was I said last time btw!)

It's just got me all down, thats all.

mothpete said...

What on earth are you watching. I think you should really NOT watch Hostel 2, Jo. I'm streaming it now. Not nice.

Yep, I'm all for being nice to everyone and not being abusive etc. I'm sure i should have more tolerance, but hey, this guy came on and offered his pray and pity for me. I mean really... someone needs to tell him to fuck off and save his pity for the pathetic.

Oh and I think you're taking my blog far too seriously. I'm sure there are social commentary blogs around. This particular blog is about the non-belief of god and stuff like that. The title of the blog is a dead give away.

Eek said...

Ooohh I'm spose to pay attention to the title?

My mistake.

And trust me, lol, not taking your blog too seriously. Like.. not. N O T.

Like I've mentioned a zillion times before, I think you're turning your "disbelief" of christianity into your own little organised religion, and this blog is like your pulpit. And I can't stand organised religion lol.

So there.

I'm only here cos I'm bored. :P

mothpete said...

Organised? Me?

Religion? Me?

Pulpit bullshit! I just needed to say that because it rhymes. So, you want me to stop blogging non-christian stuff? You recommend it? Hey, if it makes me happy Joey and keeps my mind off work and crap, I really gotta do it.

Eek said...


I never said you had to stop doing it... I just said... meh whatever.

This is your pulpit, admit it.

You should get a special robe to wear or something. And some wine. Sounds like the perfect blog environment to me!

Anonymous said...

to eek.
So, the separation between church and state isn't important? It's not important that our President looks to his imaginary GOD to make decisions?
Stem cell funding is not important? your blog

tina FCD said...

I was just going to say something to that effect, Kristi. It DOES matter why we are concerned about who is believing in what. I am ALL for separation of church and state. It's kind of nerve racking if you are not religious to know that Bush says god talks to him every day etc....It definitely does matter.

Eek said...

LOL. Either these people can't read or they're just narrow minded Americans who think the world revolves around them and Bush.

Now don't get me wrong... Bush is damn funny. We have our own idiotic leader here in Oz to make fun of too btw - I just don't expect people in other nations to focus everything they say or think on Johnny Howard and the idiotic things he says/thinks/does every day. I swear if he put his nose any further up G.W. Bush's ass... lol.

And, for your info, I am far and away an athiest who does not in ANY WAY support organised religion. I'm pretty sure I made that clear by my "i hate organised religion" statement.

So where exactly did I say I don't support separating church and state? Fact is I don't support church to begin with... so its sort of a given that I think someone like Bush needs to be booted from his position of power.

Moth is a rl friend of mine, and I happen to know first hand his obsession with christians. It just worries me personally that (by turning his disbelief/personal anger towards HIS ex-church into an all-encompassing belief system that causes him to judge others unfairly, to label himself, and to create his own little "church" of followers) he's repeating all of his old highly-criticised "church" behaviours.

Fact is... and I'm not being nasty, but...

Get with the real world girlsies. The bigger picture. America is but one country and Bush but one deluded man in politics.

mothpete said...

PMSL - Wow, it's been great to hear a good rant from you. I've never actually heard you call yourself an atheist before.

I'm not sure there are many people that actually read these comments and I've been sort of wondering how people take you when you 'pay me out'. I've often had people ask me who the gal is that is so nasty to me all the time.

I'm sure if I was american I would be swept up in the "Us, and who's them" mentality. To me, there's Australia and there's this other great big Australia-like country that make really cool TV, and there's an English country with a queen, and then there's all these other little countries all over the planet that shoot each other. Oh, and the asian countries where all the electronic stuff and gadgets come from.

Gross ignorance, and yes, I'm a teacher.

For anyone that does follow my blog Eek/Jo is my closest friend and just a great person

... at the moment the stats say that there are 12 regular readers, but I dunno, maybe I've covered everything succinctly enough so that commentators have nothing else to say :-P

But nah, no followers here... and the Christians on my ex-cult forum are barely tolerating me, but I am practicing my tolerance there.

Truth is, I find it hard to remember my old church and have virtually forgotten it. Numb to that.

Eek said...

Pfft. I'm not nasty all the time.

Just occasionally.

And only when you deserve it... come on, admit to them all that your ego is HUGE so you need to be brought down to earth here and there.

Athiest.. lol. A christian or whathaveyou is a believer, an agnostic is a fence sitter who thinks the whole God thing is "possible", an athiest is quite simply someone who doesn't believe. I don't. So there. I just hate labels cos they're soooo unnecessary.

Oh... and me? Rant? When? That wasn't a rant, just a little sidenote thingy.