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"Creationism is not the alternative to Evolution - ignorance is"

This is an old topic, but it serves to highlight the gross stupidity from the morons at AiG (Answers in Genesis). Along with such incredible facts, as... sabre-tooth tigers were originally herbivores, and dinosaurs were rescued via the Love Boat (during the fourth dynasty of the Egyptian era) only to die out soon after, they keep reeling out their superior knowledge - In all their wisdom they worked out why disasters such as Tsunamis and happened: it's our fault:

"At Answers in Genesis, we have written many articles and given many talks explaining that it's not God's fault when a massive tragedy occurs, but rather, it is our fault - the Bible says we sinned in Adam (Genesis 3)."

It always amazes me how much they need to take the blame off of their god. And as has been pointed many times, this doesn't take the blame from god because supposedly he's responsible for creating us and knew exactly what we were going to do.

However this is the first time I've heard it quite put this way: "we sinned in Adam". What the hell this means is beyond me. If "we sinned in Adam" then why doesn't Adam get his house ruined by a hurricane? So if I have this right, god doesn't kill a kitten if I masturbate. Instead I sin through Adam (I wonder if Adam has an orgasm?) and because of my sin through Adam god has people die in hurricanes. - Voltaire

If God is innocent, why defend him so strenuously? If God is all powerful and innocent, why can't he defend himself? I mean, in OT times he drowned the entire Egyptian army to save the whiney tribe of Israel, for Christ's sake; now days he can't whip up a defense against skeptics, he has to hide behind Ken Ham, of all people! Boy, that pile of wisdom is sure steamy, and stinks like a cess pool, too.

Ken Ham... I tell ya... I'm sure he's got good intentions and believes what he says, but holy cow, for someone who doesn't believe we came from cavemen and monkeys, he's sure doing his best to strip us of the accumulated knowledge we've developed and send us back scurrying into the caves.

He tries to give examples in the bible where it mentions dinosaurs, he finds ones about sea monsters, and flying monsters and ties those to pterodactyls. He explains that in all ancient cultures, they had legends about ‘dinosaur-like’ animals which the called “dragons”. From Gilgamesh to a book published in the 1500s, there is evidence that dinosaurs were actually dragons, now gone due to hunting by humans. - Stupid Evil Bastard

Zombies, Unicorns, Devils, Sea Monsters, Satyrs, Dragons, Six Winged Angels, Gods, Demons, Witches, Astrologers, A walking & talking snake, Magical fruit, Talking donkeys, human headed six-winged beasts, Ghosts. All that stuff is in the Bible and yet they tell me it"s not mythology?

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