You pray for me, I'll think for you

Before the great debate with that shmuck Kirk Cameron (I'm thinking shmuck and kirk cameron should get a lot of hits as keywords in google searches) he said he'd pray for the guys, and the response from the response squad was that they'd think for them. I tried this line out on a Christian in a forum I visit and it didn't go down well.

The bible says to 'pray without ceasing' but I think 'think without ceasing' makes much more sense... that's my motto.

so think on this Mothman; I pray for people for no other reason than to ask God to keep them safe and well. God loves you whether you acknowledge Him or not, SO THERE.

Ya know what I think? I'm sure you believe your god loves me, how could he not - I'm a great guy, but to use the words you believe are his, 'It rains on the just and the unjust', it doesn't matter if you pray for someone or not because the odds are that they are not going to be any better off than if you don't. Damned if you do damned if you don't.

Which gets me to thinking... no wonder it feels like everytime something bad happens it'll be evened out by something good. Blessing and cursings are just part of the balance, in the same way that gravity brings down what goes up. Superman defies these laws, but unfortunately he's as real as the god who loves me (truthfully, I'm not always that lovable).

I suppose Christians feel they can counter-balance this karma by petitioning their deity to offset it. I'm thinking that doesn't work, because I know just as much shit happens to Christians as it does to non-christians. On the other hand, if Christians do stick to the morals and ethics passed down through generations in much the same way the other religions do with their holy books then good is more likely to come to them by the very reasoning that spurs along the golden rule of spreading niceness.

They say that bad things comes in threes, but if you practice throwing a dice like we do in Primary School mathematics you'll notice that approximately every 6th throw lands on a 6. Three good things will then eventually balance out the bad. That's the balance, in my opinion, and it's just simple maths. The new agists are preaching lately that positive thoughts have an effect on random chance and can provide the bias that'll send your life into prosperity... Tony Robbins style... but those guys are just plain crazy, but at least they're thinking for us.

Know what I mean?


Anonymous said...

I don't totally disagree with the "positive thinking" approach. Have you ever read anything by Napoleon Hill? While he was religious it's true, his religion didn't permeate his writings to an annoying degree. I just chose to ignore or gloss over those very few parts of his philosophy.

Napoleon Hill espoused very greatly the idea that by thinking positive thoughts you can influence and alter the course of your life. Drop his name into Google - you'll get millions of hits. I don't disagree with him - not entirely, anyway.

Thinking yourself successful or rich or happy won't make you any of those things by magic, but I do believe that the attitude you have on approach to a situation or dilemma plays a big - possibly the major - part in your likely chances of success.

There is some truth in that.

Eek said...

*thinks self rich*
*thinks self happy*

Hmm, nothing yet. I'll keep you posted.

Anonymous said...

No... come on.

I said it's NOT magic and didn't in any way pretend or even claim that it's as simple as you imply. It's also unfair to dismiss the ideas without reference to Napoleon Hill's writings. They are valuable, inspirational writings and you yourself would do well to read some of his stuff; I'm assuming by the nature of your comment that you haven't.

I said there is SOME truth in it; I didn't say it was a silver bullet.

And anyway, your comment implies that you are not happy. Why's that?

snakey said...
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snakey said...

Talk about rose coloured glasses...
This newagey stuff about 'positive thinking' is really pissing my off lately.....Its silly. THINK! of all the information you're missing out on because of some 'emotional' need to made your world look the way you find comfort in.

Its funny thou' Mothy...I was thinking about the "cheeky christian" & the way they insist on praying for me...& saying that shit about god loving me anyway....
How dare they! *hehehe* I find it a bit of an insult - an interference - a meddling in my life....but what's new Huh! Isn't that what 'christian's' like to do...?

But...yeah..I like the 'lateral' thinking philosophy meself..I like the idea that I'm able to create new idea's - not just recycle one kind of bullshit into another less smelly version.

I'm just happy today if this bloody comment gets posted...Man! I've been trying to get through since yesterday...!!


P.s. this is a better - edited version of the last effort.

Handsome B. Wonderful said...

Balance--that's what I dig about the philosophy of Taoism.

Anonymous said...

did you see this interview (i think it was right before or right after the debate with cameron and comfort)?

mothpete said...

Thanks for the link, pity they got stuck on the abortion issue. That's a whole other debate not suited for a roadside discussion, plus it's unfair to expect people to have names and facts at the ready in such a place.

tina FCD said...

You know, someone can pray for me all they want to, if it makes them feel better, so be it! But I just don't like the people who think they are "one up" on me because they believe in a god.