Rambo IV “is also a Christian film,” Sylvester Stallone confirms

Silvester Stallone loves his characters; luckily we do too or there wouldn't be so many sequels. It'll be very cool to see another Rambo on the screen, even if the beefcake looks more cake then beef... (John Rambo: First Blood Part IV?) The first film was a nod to disrespected/forgotten veterans, the second dealt with POWs, and the third took us to Afghanistan. But, this one is about rescuing some kidnapped Christian humanitarian aid workers. I saw the preview somewhere today and it's a gorefest! Can't wait... Rambo saves Christians in a foreign land with puh-lenty of blood and gore. Stallone, the director and writer, says it's "also a Christian film". If there was ever a sequel to The Passion of the Christ, then this is it. This time the 'centaurians' get their assed freaking crucified - Rambo style.

The Catholic forums are ringing the praises for Stallone's admission of faith and his use of the cinema visual medium to promote his message??? When you see the preview you'll see a pure blonde (Hillsong-like) Christian missionary girl who gets in a terrible position with her Christian buddies. It's a terrible missionary position and she needs Rambo to slash, guy and kill all the bad guys to get them out of it. Please do not miss the missionary position joke I subtle weaved into the post. It was two sentences ago. You can't miss it.

In an interview with the “National Catholic Register,” Stallone recalls his return to Catholicism and how the birth of his daughter in the late ‘90’s was a crossroads for him. “When my daughter was born sick, and I realized I really needed some help here, I started putting everything in God’s hands, his omnipotence, his all-forgivingness.” The NCR reports that while Stallone grew up Catholic, he stopped going to church after he tasted fame and fortune. Now however, he considers himself a churchgoing Catholic again. “[This] puts me where I should be,” the action star said, noting that before his return to the faith, “I was alone in the world. I though I would have to handle things my own way.” Speaking about the fourth installment of the “Rambo” series, which Stallone is co-producing, directing, and acting in, “Sly” notes that his protagonist (John Rambo), “is a borderline atheist. He doesn’t believe in anything anymore.” However, Rambo’s mission in this movement, Stallone continued, “is to bring a group of Christians upriver into a very hostile territory, and they’re there to bring the Word of God and medicine and dentistry to these natives. He starts getting influenced by their faith in the face of such incredible odds.” I think it may work,” he said. “Here’s how it is. I believe that you can have a Christian theme but you can’t hit it too heavy. You can’t hit ‘em over the head with a hammer. You have to be subtle about it,” he concluded.

This is what being leaven in the world is about. Catholics in the world must infuse the Faith into their everyday work. For Stallone, it is movies. - Clare

This is great that you are a rebirth Catholic. Everyone around here loved Rocky. Movies were so bad and no one was going anymore..But the night I saw Rocky the theater was packed and every one applauded and had a great time...Just like it use to be at the movies.. I can't wait for this new movie to come out...I will pray for it's success and for you too. God Bless you and your Family always. - Anita


Psychodiva said...

ah well, here we go again- the churches go on and on about violence n movies- unless it is christian violence- thats ok - yeah, really truly it is- well- I didn't think much of the first films and will no doubt avoid this one just for the usual bad acting, bad story / plotline (or lack thereof) and just plain bad - ness of a movie.

snakey said...

Good ol' Rocky Boy...nice Catholic son! Of course he's going back to 'church'for inspiration.
Look at ALL the money his mate..Mel Gibson has made from being 'catholic'...
"The Passion" is all violence!
So what's new?...christianity is all violence.

Hey Mothy...don't forget to watch Andrew Denton tonight - ABC at 9.30pm. His show called 'God on our side'..sounds interesting.

mothpete said...

Weird al did a great send up or Rambo movies. It's on youtube somewhere. I thought the first two were just fun. He's an unbelievable superhero but fun nevertheless. maybe it's a male thing.

the whole christian slant is just crazy though.

tina FCD said...

“When my daughter was born sick, and I realized I really needed some help here, I started putting everything in God’s hands, his omnipotence, his all-forgivingness.”

Ummm, has he even looked at the bible? All-forgivingness? yeah...

Anonymous said...

rambo was in fact super bloody, perhaps too much for my taste, but it was nonetheless awsome. the directors cut is actually more christian driven cuz its got a whole scene where the pastor prays for rambo and the missionaires. rocky balboa, rambo 4 and expendables all kicked ass!!!