Every Blog has its day

Check out Planet Atheism and/or Mojoey at Deep Thoughts to get involved with the best Atheist blogrolls on the net. I imagine both blogrolls will start to mirror each other, but it makes for good community and it doesn't hurt to get as much exposure as possible so we can collectively wave at Google.

My blog's primary reason for existance was to throw my questions and thoughts into the blogosphere so I could watch my journey over the last few years which has gone from Fundy to Pentecostal to 'worldly' to Universalism to agnosticism to atheism to agnosticism to free thinking. The blog now serves as portal to what I think is the best religious parody on the net... because I like to laugh (and smirk... a smile that irks... I like to smirk at Kirk {Cameron}, 'cause the guy is a jerk, that jerk Kirk at whom I smirk).

Blogs are like Tamogotchis; it's fun to watch them grow and keep an eye on the stats... the important thing to do to keep regular readers is to keep making regular blogs, but to me this feels a bit like pressing the button every 108 minutes on 'LOST'. The desperation to make a new blog often sends my shaking hands towards throwing in a YouTube or a post from ex-christian.net, which is fine, I don't see a problem in making a one-stop-shop for all things I think are good quality Christian satire.

The things I've done to feed this blog that is a celebration of all things that 'ain't Christian' has been exausting. I'd hate to do it again... I'll make a bit of a summary, but won't get into details because the sun is shining outside and I've been locked onto this computer for days now doing school work. So here's what I've done to promote my blog and help it feed.

I've submitted it to all the little bloggy button things that clutter up the lower right section of my page; I ping all the relevant blog services after I make a post; I've submitted to Yahoo's meta spider crawler things, I've done the same with other search engines who still do this for free (and that list is dwindling); I've put in the digg redit and de.lic.ious links, because when you send an original post into them your page view rate goes through the bloody roof! I'm a regular at a few forums that has my banner at the bottom of each post. I visit as many blogs as I've got time to and try to leave comments that are more than a 'Hi, check out my blog'; I've strategically placed popular keywords in various places; I've joined three webrings (but have to fix up some of the link boxes there); Although I have much respect for the Flying Shaghetti Monster and the Teapot, I've made a stand for the Invisible Pink Unicorn and it is s/he I will give my reverence and reference... I'm listed in the IPU blogroll... bless her cotton socks.

*Note to self: come back when time available to insert hyperlinks.

I hope to post something of significance approximately once a week, but hope new readers take some time and read prior posts. I saved the best for first. At the moment I've got an average of 66 page loads per day (one for every book of the bible??!) and about 5 regular readers, from what I can tell. A blog is hard slog, but in the end the blog is for me and at the moment I'm a proud bloody blogging bugger.


Eek said...

I think I may have said this before but...

You have way too much spare time on your hands.

And way too much ego waiting to be stoked lol. :P

You shld call this blog "please plleeasse someone, anyone, read me!"

Just a thought.

mothpete said...

I like my blog.

I don't sleep much.. I have time and i have a hobby.

I have a huge ego and am insecure. I get that.

I want people to read the blog... I think that's what blogs are for.

Anonymous said...

everyone on the intermaweb either has (a) way too much spare time on their hands (b) a chronic procrastination habit (c) attention deficit disorder or (d) all of the above.

as a proud life member of category (b) above I love reading people's blogs and besides I'm sure as hell too lazy to write one of my own. it's much easier to nod along and chuck in the odd comment than it is to put in the effort and energy to tell the world what you think about stuff. if that 'stuff' includes pointing out religion's fatal flaws, all the better.

and hey I don't mind stroking Moth's ego :P it fulfils a desperate need to nurture & connect as a way of deflecting attention from my own insecurity.

tina FCD said...

In my opinion blogging is communicating and getting information out there. I have learned a lot about religion and atheism reading posts on the subjects. In the U.S. religion is creeping into our politics and it worries me. There are some crazy people out there that rub shoulders with our so called "president" and our politicians. But I do like the hilarious blogs also, like yours.