Arnie the Anti-christ

DALLAS — Anti-christ watchdog groups say Arnold Schwarzenegger, governor of California, is far and away the most likely man in the world to be the anti-christ.
Anti-Christ Watch, a non-profit organization, says Schwarzenegger fits the biblical profile almost perfectly: He comes from Europe and is amassing power and influence across a wide spectrum of occupations. He has astonished Californians with his deft solutions to budget problems. He is also history's most successful actor, in dollar terms, and one of the most successful athletes.

"Everybody loves him," says Bible expert Sean Terking. "They think he can do no
wrong. That's scary."
Many evangelical prophecy teachers see the European Union as the ten-horned confederation of Revelation 17:7-8 from which the anti-christ will arise (see Daniel 9:26). Schwarzenegger's home country of Austria belongs to the Union.

Recently, Schwarzenegger has lobbied for an amendment to the Constitution, which states that the president must have been born in the U.S. He has batted around the idea of running for president someday.

To cap off the theory, Terking points out that "schwarzenegger" means "black plowman." "He is the sower of a dark harvest," says Terking. "Anyone who's missing these signs is in for a rude surprise."

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Eek said...

Well, der. I didn't realise this was breaking news.

Hasn't everyone seen the terminator? Arnie's evil dammit, evil!