Is sex a sin?

Our universe is comprised of 100 Billion galaxies made up of 100 billion stars in each. And a God is claimed to have made that. A God that is so intimately interested in me, that he is aware of the number of hairs on my head. A God that is so enthralled with the human experience, that he had to become a human, interact, and be tempted in the same ways that I am. A God that loves me so much, he died. For me. Who wouldn't 'want' that?“Want,” if one thinks about it, really has nothing whatsoever to do with existence. Unless the theist is thinking, “I want a God. The atheist is the opposite of me. Therefore since I want, my opposite number must not want.”
Growing up the traditional Baptist way, we were repeatedly assured we were wretched creatures, and no matter how good we were, or what righteous acts we did, they were the equivalent of a used tampon to God. We were repeatedly informed that all we want to do is Sin, Sin, Sex, Sin, Sex, Sex, Sin and Sex. And, if left to our own devices, the best humanity could do was universally commit suicide within short order.We were placed on a conveyor belt of try to do right, fail, confess, forgive, and then try to do right. With the confident pledge that no matter how hard we tried, we would repeat this cycle from our moment of birth to our last gasping breath. The only reason we have any worth whatsoever is that God choose to bestow it upon us by his own choosing. And even after that we would to do right, fail, confess, forgive, and then try to do right.

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Anonymous said...

Yet I've also come to see it as an 'evolutionary' thing, ie. social engineering.

In the wild, groups or herds of animals are usually ruled by a single dominant male. This authority figure is the only one allowed to do the mating. That way he ensures that only his genes are passed on. Only his kind continue.
If any other animal tries to get it on with his females they get beaten off (so to speak) - and they know it.

This behaviour would have thus continued up through apeman days, and caveman days, until it got translated into the religious 'values', as in this video, in more modern man.

Religion was set up to control not only individuals, but entire communities.

The authority figures alone get to decide who can procreate, and if you resist you get beaten down.

This way if you want to 'do it' you have to submit to their regulations, unless you want trouble reinforcing their authority.