Mr Deity - Funniest take on religion (apart from goons)

I'm always on the lookout for the funniest online stuff that 'dares' to take a humerous look at religion... and there's plenty of quality stuff. Who says the bible isn't funny?

OMIGOD! NOW THIS IS FUNNY (QUALITY) STUFF! How strong is your faith? ("Faith in what?" some of you ask... Jesse!) Mr. Deity is a brilliant, loving satire of the entity we humans have long looked up to. While I happen to be an agnostic, many faithful folks and even a few God-forsaken atheists have been known to enjoy this "start up" comedy series. I've decided to take it upon myself to help share the GOOD NEWS! Link to fanblog

The number of episodes in the Mr. Deity series is now up to nine. The short films are produced, written, and star Brian Dalton, who uses them to explore the lighter side of religion. The first episodes were launched on January 17, 2007, and within a few days there had been over 200,000 downloads from YouTube, iTunes, and at his own webpage, Dalton is an ex-Mormon who came to skepticism in the late 1990s through the Skeptics Society. In time he gave up his religion, but remains utterly fascinated by religion in general, and he has written a pilot for a television series based on his character, Mr. Deity.

from the show:
-"NO, the health plan does NOT cover Crucifixion!"
-"You're punk'n me!"
-"Is Fate here?, was she able to make it?"
-"I DID hire Nietzsche to kill you..."
-"You called it an 'ABOMINATION'?!"
-"Yeah, take that all the way to void, then back it off askoach"

From fans:
-"Lucy is totally hot!"
-"Jesse is totally hot!"
-"Is it sinful to find Jesus really sexy?"
-"As a Christian, I must say that this, inexcusably entertaining."
-"Thanks for stamping my ticket to Hell, that was funny!"

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