What's wrong with it? - by Snakey

The funny thing about religion is that its much more fun to discuss when you're not in it..otherwise what's majorly (is that a word?) wrong with it is that:-

ITS BORING, repeatitive and mind numbing., racist, egotistical, elitist, wrapped up formality which provides security in its mind numbingness! and petty rituals of who fucking brings the flowers next week!...or who gets to lead the prayers! and who of the blokes gets to feel less of boy because he gets to take his briefcase to church each week!

Oh and it based on poking its nose into other people's SEX lives because some prophet or leader says so..religon make people INTO 'follower's'...and believes that people are nasty evil beings who are requiring correction. but of course there's a pay off...the believer gets to say that's their 'saved'...from what I ask?... you guessed it...some stupid idea that people MUST believe in the supernatural, fairies, ghosts, wizards, talking snakes etc etc. etc...
did I say that it was STUPID.

or that for very stupid reason's they make WAR and KILL each other in the name of god..another invisible creature while all the time deny that some are making a killing in other ways...ie. MONEY because they are fighting the best war.......SPIRITUAL WARFARE

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snakey said...

Talk about SILLY!!!

You have to watch this clip at youtube...



look up 'the passion of bennyhill'..
you'll crack up for sure..!!!