God has a plan

That God has a plan... where do people getting that from? Does every person have a plan? What about the millions of people who starve to death before puberty? I remember the 'steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord', but what if one is not good? Ha, "there is none good", sayeth the Lord.

The biggest fallacy of all is that we should take our hands off the wheel because 'God has a plan'. Don't fall into the trap of thinking everything will be alright. Life is not some episode of the Brady Bunch where everything gets resolved at the end and while the characters await the next dilemna. Take life into your own hands people and make your own plans before you realise how many years you've wasted waiting for the plan to come to fruition. As you look back on life you can see events that lead to a fate... in hindsight, everything looks like it was planned.

And what of the people who you now put in your prayers? Are their lives in such imminent danger that you must petition them to God because they have strayed from the unquestionable truth you hold the keys to? Where God would have previously not had a plan for, they're now possibly going to get into a favourable future arrangement because you give them a thought or two while you lift your holy hands towards the mysterious father of heaven and earth?
Hey, It's not that I'm trying to reason out God with a few hundred keystrokes... we're just exploring the unthinkable possibility that God isn't completely in control of this random mess we call existance. Keep praying for the poor wretches who follow their natural god-given instinct to question reality - it can't hurt... unfortunately I wonder if it will actually help.

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