The Lord does Evil

Evil could be described as an action. In Isaiah it says that God created that action...??? He the Lord DOES all these things. 'Does' is a verb, therefore logically EVIL could be defined as an action. Yep, by default if he creates a universe which puts to use physical and constant laws then it has to balance out with the creation of shadows amongst the light and evil where there is good. By default He creates the valleys between the mountains. Is a valley an absence of a mountain?
Darkness exists... I see it in the petrol prices. Zero is the abscence of a number but is integral to the whole numerical system. He made this system and he's responsible for it. Death has been overcome, yet we're all dropping like flies so it's not gonna work out in this world. We'll have to let Mario go through his lives, get a cheat code and see how it unravels on the next level. I'm sure the graphics will be awesome, unless the plug simply gets unplugged.

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