Spirituality... what the hell is it?

So, what is spirituality... true spirituality? It's different for everyone. And anyone who thinks there is only one way of being spiritual is a bit of a nong. (Nong: Hoopy frood who has 3 shenackles short of a frapatula)

I used to feel spiritual when listening to music (or is that just emotional, and if it was, what was the big difference?). I feel spiritual often in a NON deity/ supernatural sense just in the sense of wonder and appreciation, enjoyment, bliss when in nature, eating fudge, watching my cat and other animals etc. I think THAT can be spiritual too. So can being kind to others! (but that's what we have gay people for) And I suppose relaxing at a spa could be spiritual. Blogging is spiritual - You can quote me on that.

The Christian fundies want us to believe that spirituality MUST be tied up in religion but I believe it's entirely possible for an atheist (label warning!) to feel spiritual or at least connected to others and the world around them in a spiritual way. Do you think so? How do YOU interpret spirituality and how do you practice it if you do?

I used to know a group of people who thought spirituality was only achieved through glossalalia (speaking in tongues). This largish international group of people are in the most part deluded and ignorant to the real life outside. They believe that the miraculous ability to say uninterpretable babble with your eyes closed is the only way to meet with God. If you argue or try to reason with them they look at you very crossly and say that "God won't be mocked". I now use that reply to everything because it works so well. "hey mate, did you scratch my car?!"... my reply "God won't be mocked".

Modern churches: Their predominantly white, middle class, comfortable family lives have very little idea as to what goes on outside of their rose coloured stained glass windows. Sure they try and help their communities by raising money for charities and cooking sausages for the homeless but their main intent is to drag people to their Sunday morning meetings... trick them into saying a sinner's prayer for JeeeZuss, putting nice clothes on them and getting them to sing a hymn or funky Hillsong. Small minds in a large world.

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