Mixed bag of stuff

Watching the movie, Hotel Rwanda.
I remember the 'ethnic cleansing' massacre well. I remember weeping over the cover of Time magazine. I still have that mag from 1994. Am looking at it now; at the trampled refugees at the Rwandan border. Over a million people slaughtered horribly, witnessed by children, in a scene unparalleled by even a Rob Zombie movie.

"This is the beginning of the final days. This is the apocaylpse."
- A resident of Goma Zaire
And people try and tell me that there is a great tribulation to come. Can they not see that hell is unleashed already and already far too often. These futurist Rapture theorists make light of the suffering that many have endured and are enduring here and now. What sort of imagination invents a future more terrifying than the events that have already transpired? Answer - Tim Le Haye and his frakking fictional 'Left Behind' stories for a start.

I took the family to see strongmen world record holders.
It was funny. these guys were big hugely muscled strong guys. They could squeeze and explode full cans of soft drink, blow up hot water bottles with their mouths, and slam their arms through concrete. They were so macho and ... American... it was funny to see them stop every ten minutes and share their gospel. There were lots of subtle tricks to get the audience to say the sinner's prayer... It was just bizarre.

I was much more selfish when I was a Fundy Christian.
In the churches I did the right thing because I was afraid to disappoint God. I was wracked with guilt over my many failings, so I tried to make up for them by spreading the truth to people in need - all good intentions.

Now that I live in a world without fear of hell, my actions are not determined by my fear of the wrath and disappointment of a jealous god. When I help others, it is because I want to see a better world or just to lend a hand because I'm part of a community of people; plus I've kids to bring up and if the world sucks a little less for them then that's worth a little unselfishness (a little).

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