Demons, saints, angels and ghosts

According to most christian based beliefs there are many super-powered spiritual beings roaming around us and moving in between their universe and our universe. Sounds like great science fiction to me and a good premise for a movie or tv series, but unfortunately real life isn't like that - boring though that may seem. Even our kids work out sooner or later there is no Santa Claus or teletubbies.

Let's say they're right. Let's say that there are angels and saints busy working for God. That means they're not doing a great job, because there's pain and misery everywhere and they hardly seem to be lifing a finger to do anything about it. Even Superman and Batman would try to make some impact. Some of the blame has to be shared out to all the superspirits who just aren't cutting the mustard.

Apart from the tri-une God (Father, Spirit and the kid) there are numerous Saints for Catholics to pray to and angels of many ranks to depend on in an emergancy. God is a great one for delegation it seems and has stuff going on everywhere in the minds of Catholics.

I'm sure Mary was a top chick, but yeah she's very dead. I don't believe that she's floating around the cosmos relaying messages onto Jesus. Some people find Jesus a bit intimidating to send prayer requests to so they go through his mum hoping that being a female she will be more sympathetic to their needs and put in a good word.

Mainstream Christians really embrace the concept of demons and angels flittering about above and around them. They personalise the demons and angels in much the same way the Greeks and Egyptions had all sort of various demi-gods for different purposes. Mainstream christians believe free will can be taken from people and replaced with possessing demons. On the whole they are a pretty fearful lot who go on ghostdemon hunts often. Too scared to watch Pokemon, Sesame street, Buffy, Harry Potter, Scooby Doo.. lest a demon find a way into their consciousness and trick them into something unholy.

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