2016 kicks off with DEADPOOL!

We seem to say it every year, "This is THE year for sci-fi and comic book movie," and it seems every year the movies get bigger and better. I can't even imagine how huge a movie Infinity War will be, and I've got a decent imagination. I wouldn't be surprised if Howard the Duck didn't show up. Anyway, that's 2018, but this year, 2016, is HUGE. We're already still basking in the light of The Force Awakens and Deadpool is skulking around ready to pop up to slice and dice.

My problem is that the nearest cinema from this geek's outback habitat is nearly three hours and when you've got a tribe of four kids who will want to 'come with' then I have to be choosey about which flick to road trip to.

Wolverine: Origins Whatever was a terrible movie that had to happen. It's when, I think, the studios heard the cry that perhaps some fan service is warranted. Perhaps there's a reason why some characters have evolved into something that resonates with readers and perhaps they could be translated to film with a little more respect to the hallowed source material. 

I bet Ryan Reynolds has a lot of frustration playing the part of Deadpool in that god awful movie. I remember a cool helicopter scene and Wolverine jumping out of the bath being to decent scenes, but Holy Frak maybe they should stop making stand-alone Wolverine movies. But who gets a second chance to play the same character again, and this time AS he should be seen? Ryan Reynolds does. Muthafucka made a deal with the devil, fo-sho.

I don't know how he managed to pull the strings that enabled an R-rated balls to the wall, perfectly costumed version of Wade Wilson to come into existence, but it's coming and coming soon. Of course the leaked footage, which was either the perfect storm of viral chance or a carefully  orchestrated piece of propaganda (I think the former), seemed to be enough to let the studio know that there was an audience in desperate need of fan-servicing.

Reviews are already in, and all of them are 11 thumbs up. Bring it on... this might call for a family road trip sans the young'uns.

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