TV and Me

I haven't written anything that spans multiple paragraphs for a long time. A long long time. I mark and criticise the writing of others (my young class members), but have forgotten what it takes to construct a piece of writing, yet alone try to make it interesting or funny. This is about me, but I'll branch out beyond the confines of my skull sometime soon. Not too far though. I've gotten a little addicted to the power of print after a couple of months of 'tweeting' and it's freeing to break out of the 140 characters for a change. @mothpete btw.

I was brought up in front of the TV. I was brought up by the TV. I don't hold any negativity towards my actual parents for sitting me in front of the thing, because I enjoyed it. Like Homer, I cite Tom Bosley as my father and I can thank Mr Cunningham, along with Michael Landon, for instilling me my ethics and morality. These were dashed by my 80's love of teen movies, but I watched enough Little House on the Prairie to know how to be some sort of human being. I'm amazed I got through my childhood with anything resembling an Australian accent.

I never watched or played sport. I never understood how something without a storyline could be deemed as entertainment. I remember having a family, but I don't remember interacting with them too much. We didn't sit around a table. My parents took their meat and mashed potatoes down to their television while my li'l brother and I watched Doctor Who and The Goodies on the ABC. I'd watched, laughed and cried with Hawkeye through the Korean war more times than Radar drank grape nehi. These characters were real to me, and goddamit... the are real. At this my partner Joey, will rolleth her eyes, but let me repeat. These character are real...

Jesus was real to me. I spent a long time believing in this 'character', but he is real. He's as real to me as Batman is. We created these personalities and gave them life, and power over ourselves. We care about what happens to them and invest in them, sometimes entirely giving ourselves over to them.

I like to think Jesus will make everything better. I wish he would. I enjoy the idea of Batman swooping in to cover my ass when I'm about to get mugged at the corner shop, but my reality isn't that skewed. I want to take this blog away from religious concepts, pretty much entirely, because I think I'm past that. My years living in religious guilt and condemnation have shaped me and will continue to bias my thoughts but I'll try not to focus on it anymore.

I don't want to ramble, and I want to confine future posts into singular topics, and movie reviews, and whatever. Thanks for reading. It'll be nice to blog actual text in this thing rather than random videos of religious nutters speaking in tongues.

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Custard (FRC) said...

Yeay Mr Moth you are back!! How was it writing for longer than 140 characters?

OH NO youre a teacher? I never want you to read my blog again! I have the worst grammar known to man!

I remember growing up in front of the TV too. Bonanza? dum didi dum didi dum didi dum dum!! (I think that was the theme tune)

I look forward to more ramblings/rants from your good self. This blog is bookmarked...